Can You Use WhatsApp With Airalo

Airalo is the largest eSIM provider for more than 200 countries making it easy to connect with your family and friends while travelling abroad.

However, Airalo eSIMs only provide data for internet-related activities so it is not possible to make calls or texts using the eSIM.

If you want to make phone calls or send texts then you have to use third-party apps like WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime. These apps rely on data to make calls or send texts.

Are you also planning to travel abroad and are not sure if you can use the Airalo eSIM for WhatsApp, read on. This article will discuss if you can use WhatsApp with Airalo.

Can You Use WhatsApp With Airalo?

Yes, you can use WhatsApp with Airalo. WhatsApp requires data to work and it is one of the best third-party apps that you can use for calling, sending texts or sharing media. Airalo eSIMs offer data packs that you can use to run WhatsApp on your phone.

To use WhatsApp you should first install and set it up to use it with Airalo eSIM. Although Airalo eSIM is a reliable service provider, you can not use it for voice calls or texts as it only offers a data pack.

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You cannot use your primary number without roaming charges when you travel abroad. With the availability of third-party apps, like WhatsApp you can use eSIM data to make calls and send texts.

WhatsApp is widely used all over the world to stay connected with your family and friends when you travel abroad. All you have to do is get WhatsApp on your phone and set it up before your trip.

You just need a strong Wi-Fi connection to set up your WhatsApp account using the app. When you travel abroad you can get an Airalo eSIM data pack to run the WhatsApp and use it for calling, sending texts or sharing media.

Ensure that the person you are trying to contact also uses WhatsApp and has it set up on their phone making it easy to connect.

What To Do With Your Airalo eSIM?

Airalo eSIM only offers a data-only pack with few exceptions depending on the type of eSIM you purchase. This can limit your ability to make voice calls when you travel abroad.

You can always use third-party apps to overcome this limitation and the most popular is WhatsApp. It uses VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to exchange phone calls using data.

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You also do not have to worry about roaming charges as WhatsApp uses data from Airalo eSIM and not the internet from your main service provider.

When you download and install WhatsApp on your phone, it will automatically sync all your contacts provided they also have WhatsApp on your phone.

You will see the contacts on WhatsApp, you can simply tap on it to exchange texts, make calls and even make video calls.

All you have to do is ensure that you install and set up WhatsApp on your phone using your primary number before travelling to another country.

Also, ensure that the data roaming is off for your primary number so that you can use data from Airalo eSIM while using WhatsApp.

Once you install Airalo eSIM, there is no need to keep the primary number active, this will also ensure there are no roaming charges. You can use your primary number to set up WhatsApp after which it uses data to work.

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