What Does Instagram Red Circle But No Story Mean

Instagram is an amazing app that has become one of the the popular platforms in social media for users to interact with their friends and followers nowadys.

There are several features in Instagram which makes it an attractive platform such as stories, reels, posts and others.

You can follow your favourite people there and see their stories and posts that they have made.

What is Instagram Red Circle in Profile?

When you are following a user in Instagram and they have uploaded a story in their profile their profile icon will have a red ring to it, it turns grey after you have watched their story.

You can still see the story when you click on their icon but the ring will remain grey after you have watched it for the first time.

Instagram stories are content uploaded by the users which allows them to remain in their profile for 24 hours.

The content disappears from the user’s profile after 24 hours and can not be seen after that.

Instagram Red Circle But No Story

When Instagram shows a red circle on the user’s profile picture and you click on, and doesn’t show a story then it means that the user has uploaded new post in their profile, not a story.

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Now you can go to their profile and check out the new content such as the posts that they have made.

However, the red circle will only be shown to you if you are following that person.

If you are not following the person then even if they upload a new content you will not be shown what they are doing.

Thus, when you see a red circle in a user’s profile and if you follow that person then you definitely should check out their profile to know about the latest posts or content that they have posted from their account.

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