How to Fix “There Was An Error With Your Transaction. Please Try Again” on OpenSea

OpenSea is a well-renowned NFT(Non-Fungible Token) marketplace. It is one of the known companies in America. It is a big platform that is decentralized to buy and sell NFTs.

Recently, some users were facing the unlock currency error while using the app to make transactions related to NFTs.

What Does “There Was An Error With Your Transaction. Please Try Again” Error Mean on OpenSea?

“There was an error with your transaction. Please try again.” means that OpenSea has encountered an error while processing your transaction request and could not complete it.

There was an error with your transaction occurs when a transaction can not be processed on the platform because the platform is unable to verify the funds in the account.

The error is faced by the users while using OpenSea. This error is either while your transaction or this is also known as the Unlock currency error.

The error disrupts the smooth functioning of the app by displaying “There was an error with your transaction” on the screen while you are trying to buy or sell a Non-Fungible Token, also called NFT.

Why “There Was An Error With Your Transaction. Please Try Again” Error Seen on OpenSea?

This kind of error is generally faced because of the network that is bridging to the other blockchain while unlocking a new currency or platform is unable to identify the number of funds available in your wallet at the moment.

The other reason why this error might show up is because the transactions take a bit of time to process the request. 

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What Does “Error Occurred While Processing Your Request. Please Try Again Later” Mean?

An error occurred while processing your request occurs on the screen when the OpenSea platform is unable to process a transaction request.

This error is generally faced while using the platform of OpenSea. The error does not allow you to process anything on the app. The app just stops working and asks you to try again later.

Why “Error Occurred While Processing Your Request. Please Try Again Later” Error is Seen?

The second issue of “Error occurred while processing your request. please try again later” is generally caused because your app is not updated. Other reasons can also include that there is some technical glitch on the platform’s part.

There are chances that there is something wrong with your account, or your account is not verified. You can make a new Opensea account and try again.

How to Fix OpenSea Transaction Errors?

To fix OpenSea transaction errors as like “There Was An Error With Your Transaction. Please Try Again” and “Error Occurred While Processing Your Request. Please Try Again Later” follow the below fixes with detailed steps:

Fix 1: Via Reloading Your Wallet 

Sometimes, this error might occur because the transactions in blockchains are mostly processed after a certain delay.

You can check your wallet balance on PolygonScan or connect to Polygon Web Wallet to re-check your funds.  

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Fix 2: Via Another Browser  

Sometimes there might be some glitch with the browser you are using. You can change your browser or try using the OpenSea app. This might solve your problem. You can follow the given steps:

Fix 3: Change The Browser

  • Close your current browser.
  • Try to change the browser. For example, if you are using the Firefox browser now, you can change to browsers like Chrome or Opera. 
  • Go to the new browser and search for the Open sea website (
  • After this, log in to the website and try to make the transaction you were earlier making.

Fix 4: Install The App

To install the OpenSea app, you can follow the given steps:

  • Go to the App Store for IOS users and the Play Store for android users. 
  • In the search box, type OpenSea. 
  • Click on install, and your app will be installed soon. 
  • Now, you can log in to the app and make the transactions you were trying to make. 

Fix 5: Turn Off Adblockers 

There are also chances that the Adblockers downloaded on your system are also blocking your OpenSea transaction. Therefore, you can choose to turn off the adblockers and then try making the transaction. Here is what you need to do.

  • Open your browser.
  • Go to the extension of the Adblocker you are using. 
  • Hit the turn-off or disable option. 
  • Go to your opensea website and try the transaction again. 
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Fix 6: Clear Cache/Cookies

Your OpenSea transaction may not b processed on your browser because of the cache and cookies on your browser. Therefore, clearing cache and cookies can help you fix the issue. 

  • Open your browser.
  • Go to the settings. 
  • In settings, search for clear cookies/cache.
  • Hit the clear cache option. 
  • Now you can try your transaction again. 

Fix 7: Take Help From OpenSea

If you are still not able to get rid of the error, you should consider taking some help from the OpenSea platform itself. They could give you an insight into why your account is facing that kind of issue. You can follow the given steps to the taking support of OpenSea:

  • To begin with, you will have to visit
  • You will now have to choose the type of issue that you are facing.
  • When done, you will have to add all the required information, including your email, subject, and description.
  • Tap on submit option to send your request to the support team.
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