How to Fix Discord Unable to Send SMS Message to Verify

Discord have become one of the famous platforms for people to communicate with each other in recent years.

Its various features such as chatting while live streaming with friends and unique set of emojis makes it an attractive choice to the users.

The users can also join communities of like minded people with similar interest called servers there to chat with each other.

Nowadays all of us are aware of the system of phone verification which is part of two factor authentication in any application that we use. 

Discord all uses the email and phone number verifications to validate the users authenticity.

Many times users aren’t able to send the SMS messages to verify their phone number that they have registered with Discord account.

In this guide, we would explain all the possible ways to help you out to fix the Discord unable to send the SMS verification code issue.

What is Discord Phone/SMS Verification?

Discord has the two factor authentication where Discord verifies the user’s identity by verifying their phone numbers and email id.

It is an important process for Discord so that it can keep robots and cyber crimes at bay when it comes to the security of their users.

Through the phone verification, Discord verifies whether the person accessing the application is an actuarial human being with an identity or a robot trying to hack into the system.

There are also many servers within Discord which will not let user join them if user hasn’t verified their phone with Discord.

So it is an important step for the Discord users to get their phone number verified. 

Why is Discord Unable to Send SMS Message to Verify?

Discord can not send SMS verification code to its users due to many reasons such as; either when the user is using a phone number format that is not supported by Discord Verification system, the phone number is invalid or the wrong country code has been provided before phone number in Discord.

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The system can also have issues when the phone number is already registered with an account or when the internet connection is not stable.

Below are the reasons explained in details for your ease of understanding:

  • The phone number format that you are providing is not supported by Discord phone verification system, for example phone number formats such as burners, VoIP and Land Lines do not work with Discord phone verification system.
  • You have unknowingly entered an invalid or wrong phone number in the Discord Phone Verification system.
  • The Phone number that you have entered is already registered with an account so you are not able to use the same number to register again.
  • You may have entered the wrong country code in your Discord phone verification system which might be the reason that you are not getting the SMS verification code from Discord.
  • Might be your internet connection is not stable so you are not getting the SMS verification code.

How to Fix Discord Unable to Send SMS Message to Verify?

To solve the Discord unable to send SMS messages, ensure you have entered the correct phone number and the country code in the Discord verification system as well as make sure that you are not using a phone number format that is not supported by Discord.

Also make sure that your internet connection is stable and your phone number is not already registered with another Discord account.

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Fix 1: Check Phone Number and Country Code are Correct

Sometimes it happens that you unknowingly entering the wrong phone number in Discord which would result to send the SMS code on wrong number.

You will not get the SMS verification code if you have entered the incorrect phone number so make sure that you have entered the correct phone number which you want Discord to verify for your account.

You should also check whether you have entered the correct country code so that Discord will be able to easily send you the SMS to verify your number.

Fix 2: Use the Supported Phone Format by Discord’s Verification System

There are certain phone formats that are not supported in Discord’s Verification system for example; land lines, burner phones and VoID phones are not supported to receive the phone verification SMS code by Discord.

If you are using such a phone then you will not be able to receive the code sent by Discord.

In such a case, it is best that you change your phone to another one that is supported by Discord to receive the SMS code.

Fix 3: Check Your Phone Number if Already Registered

Another reason why the user might not be getting the notification of Discord’s phone verification system is the issue that the phone number is already registered with another Discord account.

Make sure that the phone number you are using to verify the account is not linked with any other Discord account.

If you have multiple Discord account then you should use different phone numbers to link with the accounts.

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Fix 4: Make Sure to Use the Stable Internet Connection

You should also check whether your internet connection is stable and fast as Discord doesn’t function properly when the internet is unstable or slow.

If you have unstable or slow connection then please contact your local service provider to resolve the issue.

Similarly Discord will not be able to send you SMS Code if you do not have a stable phone network.

Fix 5: Restart the Discord Application

As an alternative method you can also try to restart the Discord application after closing the app to solve the issue.

You can also restart your phone and check whether you get the SMS code after you have started your Discord app and filled out the verification details.

Fix 6: Contact the Discord’s Technical Support Team

When you have tried all these methods but still you are unable to get the SMS code of Discord Phone Verification then you can contact their support team through

After you have explained them about the issue that you are facing, their representative will get back to you to solve the problem.

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