Top 5 Apps Like Gemsouls

Gemsouls is an artificial intelligence digital platform that allows you to bring your favourite fictional character to life and also create a new one.

It is a great platform for anyone interested in talking to a fictional character and linking them to the real world. However, Gemsouls is going to be discontinued from 31st July 2023 as a result of financial challenges.

It is very disappointing for a lot of users as the application will be no longer available. If you enjoyed using Gemsouls but now is affected by its discontinuation then you can always get an alternative.

This article will discuss the top five apps like Gemsouls.

What Is Gemsouls?

Gemsouls is a digital platform that lets users create a highly complex fictional character by using deep learning and machine learning methods.

With Gemsouls you can choose to be whatever character you want to create and then make it behave or think just like you.

You can use Gemsouls in the web version or can also download the app for both iOS and Android devices.

It also has lots of features that set it apart from other AI platforms which are listed below.

  • The most interesting feature of Gemsouls is its ability to connect the character with the real world or the social interaction that can happen between each other in their environment.
  • The user interface is very simple and designed in a way that anyone can use without much instructions.
  • You can create any fictional character and can even change or alter their personality, appearance and skills.
  • By doing activities like speaking and creating, you will earn a soul piece that can be utilized to access other characters or alter their personality and even be part of an event.
  • There are also social events in Gemsouls like parties or contests where your character can participate and meet other characters.
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Top 5 Apps Like Gemsouls

Now that Gemsouls is shutting down you can use other apps that are similar to it which are mentioned below.

1. Character AI

This is one of the best applications which is very similar to Gemsouls.

Character AI is a chatbot based on an artificial neural network language model which enables users to engage in human-like conversations with their favourite characters or generate and share a new character.

With Character AI, you can start a conversation with either your favourite fictional character or create a completely new one with specific personality traits that you can share with others.

Character AI released its iOS and Android app in May 2023 and also added an opt-in paid subscription service of Character AI Plus (

Character AI has the following features

  • Allows you to chat with a variety of characters.
  • You can create a brand new character with a unique personality and traits.
  • Create a character room where you can add characters that you created or user-generated.
  • You can also brush up on your vocabulary or learn a new language with its feature of Language Learning.

You can use the web and app versions free of cost but to get more features you can also subscribe to Character AI Plus for a more enhanced version.

2. Character GPT

Alethea AI has introduced Character GPT which allows you to create and interact with your character in natural language. You can use text to generate a character with a unique personality, looks and speech.

You can create, own or trade your characters across dApps (decentralized apps) and AI protocols. The Character Gpt is the first chatbot platform to use a multimodal system for AI characters. The main features are:

  • You get to create a personalized character.
  • You can create any game character with unique qualities and traits.
  • You can also create your virtual assistant, a digital twin, guides or a companion.
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This is another chatbot application that is similar to Gemsouls and lets you create dynamic characters.

MODIF is generated by Plask which captures your motion to apply to your AI characters. You can create a video of yourself and then apply those movements in the video to your digital character.  

It also offers an AI drawing platform that can bring your imagination to reality with its very easy-to-use interface.

The ability to apply your movements from a video avoids the need for animation for a character. The highlights of MODIF’s features are:

  • Create dynamic characters with your video.
  • Simple user interface that requires no technical expertise.
  • AI drawing tools will bring your character to reality.

MODIF is available in a web version and also has an app for both iOS and Android devices.

4. Charisma

This is another AI chatbot platform that also uses machine learning and natural language processing models like Gemsouls to create interactive characters and storytelling.

Apart from creating engaging characters, you can also immerse yourself in storytelling in a video format.

The platform has a very easy-to-use interface and lets you immerse in contextual conversations with characters. The highlights of the features are:

  • Create characters and storytelling equipped with emotion, scenes, memory and subplots.
  • Easy-to-use interface with little to no technical expertise.
  • Applicable in various applications like entertainment, education or training.
  • You can interact with the characters or change the storyline.

You can use the Charisma app which is free to use and to publish your story for both iOS and Android devices.

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5. Saga

Saga is another AI chatbot platform that allows you to create characters for gaming and adventurous setting. You can engage in a roleplaying experience with a variety of available worlds and characters.

It is mostly text-based that lets you create and play in an adventurous setting with your fictional character.

It offers a free form of writing to converse with the characters thereby preserving your unique style and voice. The highlights are:

  • Engage in an adventure game with a fictional character that you can create.
  • Dynamic settings for engaging in roleplaying.
  • Organic conversations with the free form of writing interact with your character.

The application is free to use and can be accessed on various devices like PC, phones and tablets. The AI-generated visuals offer an interesting game setting and events throughout the whole adventure.

The list of apps like Gemsouls is extensive and you can try what suits you best based on functionality and accessibility.

The AI chatbots are in continuous development and release various apps to enhance the user experience and with Gemsouls shutting down you have a chance to try other apps that offers similar or more features.

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