Why Is Gemsouls Shutting Down?

Gemsouls is an artificial intelligence digital platform that allows you to bring your favourite fictional character to life and also create a new one.

It is a great platform for anyone interested in talking to a fictional character and linking them to the real world.

If you are an avid user of the Gemsouls then you may have heard the sad news that this platform is shutting down.

This article will discuss the features of Gemsouls and most importantly why is Gemsouls shutting down.

What is Gemsouls And Its Features

Gemsouls is a digital platform that lets users create a highly complex fictional character by using deep learning and machine learning methods.

With Gemsouls you can choose to be whatever character you want to create and then make it behave or think just like you.

You can use Gemsouls in the web version or can also download the app for both iOS and Android devices.

It also has lots of features that set it apart from other AI platforms which are listed below.

1. Create and Connect With Fictional Characters

The most interesting feature of Gemsouls is its ability to connect the character with the real world or the social interaction that can happen between each other in their environment.

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2. Simple User Interface

The user interface is very simple and designed in a way that anyone can use without much instructions. It is very easy for users to create characters and engage in novel interactions with no limitations.

3. Engage With Other Fictional Characters

You can create any fictional character and can even change or alter their personality, appearance and skills. You can also engage in conversations with others or do activities together.

4. Do Activities To Earn Soul Pieces

By doing activities like speaking and creating, you will earn a soul piece that can be utilized to access other characters or alter their personality and even be part of an event.

5. Socialize In An Event

There are also social events in Gemsouls like parties or contests where your character can participate and meet other characters.

Why Is Gemsouls Shutting Down?

Gemsouls is shutting down even with so many amazing features and the reasons are mentioned below. It will terminate the service on 31st July 2023.

Despite creating a dedicated user base, Gemsouls has not gained the attention of a large number of people that can help the app earn and develop.

As with any developing platform you need finances to cover the costs of the whole application. Gemsouls may have faced financial difficulties to continue the app running without being able to cover the cost.

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With the easy availability of other advanced AI chatbot applications in the market, it is difficult to compete for Gemsouls with no major financial support to give its users new features.

It is a huge loss for the AI community that a platform with a very distinct way of interacting with Fictional characters is shutting down.

The financial troubles mixed with rumoured legal difficulties ultimately decided the fate of Gemsouls which is eventually going to shut down.

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