AirTalk Wireless Unlock Policy

Are you seeking information related to the AirTalk Wireless Unlock Policy? Are you planning to shift your data service provider for your AirTalk Wireless phone?

AirVoice, the parent business of AirTalk Wireless, is an FCC-approved Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) that offers Lifeline, Affordable Connectivity, and Emergency Broadband Services to economically disadvantaged Americans without insurance.

Airtalk Wireless provides free cell phones to customers who meet specific criteria. Before obtaining the service, you or a household member may be needed to engage in a government assistance program; however, this will vary depending on your income level.

If you are planning to purchase an Airtalk Wireless phone, you might be wondering if it is locked or unlocked, about its unlock policy, and whether it can be used with other service providers.

Keep reading through this article to understand more about the AirTalk Wireless unlock policy.

AirTalk Wireless Unlock Policy

AirTalk Wireless phones are not unlocked. Usually, wireless carriers like AirTalk Wireless offer phones that are locked to their network.

This means that the phones they provide are configured to work only with their service, and you may need to request an unlock code or meet certain criteria to have the phone unlocked for use with other carriers.

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If you wish to unlock your AirTalk Wireless SIM or if you want to know if your phone is eligible to be unlocked, call Airtalk Wireless customer support at +1 (888) 944-2355 to submit a request.

AirTalk Wireless phones have certain policies to be followed if the user wants to unlock their phones:

  • As the AirTalk Wireless phones are locked, users first must request that their phones be unlocked.
  • Users must have had their locked device enabled on AirVoice Wireless service for at least 1 complete year and their phone number must not have been recycled or ported to another carrier.
  • Users must seek this temporary unlocking solution while their service is working and in good standing, or within 60 days following the expiration of their service period. This grace period of 60 days applies even if the customer’s phone number was recycled or ported.
  • Users must presently own an AirVoice locked device that was released on AirVoice’s service or activated with AirVoice’s service after September 1, 2018.
  • Users must have a mobile device that has not been reported stolen, missing, or linked to unlawful activity. You must make sure that the mobile device is fully functional.
  • If a user requesting phone unlocking is deployed military personnel, AirVoice will comply with the customer’s unlocking request upon receipt of deployment papers.
  • Users are permitted to engage in this unlocking deal only once per twelve months.
  • An individual requesting unlocking must be an AirVoice customer of record on the service, and AirVoice may, in its sole discretion, seek verification that the qualifying individual is its consumer of record.