How to Fix Ticketmaster Barcode not Showing

Ticketmaster helps you out to connect with your favourite celebrity or people by providing the platform to book the concert and events tickets.

Sometime when you book your event or concert tickets on Ticketmaster and later try to access the barcode for tickets authenticity, you are not able to find it into your account.

This guide would help you out in detail to fix out the Ticketmaster barcode not showing issue.

Why you are not able to see the Ticketmaster Tickets Barcode?

Below can be all possible reasons that Ticketmaster tickets are not showing barcode:

  • You recently booked the tickets and tickets haven’t been delivered to your account.
  • You are accessing the ticket details from digital wallet; Apple wallet or Google Wallet.
  • You are checking the Barcodes for old tickets which event has been done.

How to Fix Ticketmaster Barcode not Showing

Method 1: Wait for 24-48 Hours to Reflect the Tickets

To fix Ticketmaster barcode not showing issue, you need to wait for 24-48 hours after getting the tickets booking confirmation mail.

Sometimes there can be delay in tickets delivery to your registered account after booking the tickets so give it some time to reflect into your account.

Once have been sometime that you booked the tickets, now go to your account and select “i” into mobile site for checking the ticket details within which your would be able to see the bar codes.

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Or if you are accessing the Ticketmaster account through mobile app, then go to “ticket details” and you would be able to see the bar codes for all tickets.

Method 2: Try from Different Browser or Mobile App

Sometime if you are accessing the Ticketmaster from browser into laptop or mobile phone, due to cookies concern it doesn’t reflect the current status of tickets and barcodes for tickets.

Try to clear the browser cookies, sign-out and sign-in back to your account and go to tickets details again. it would show you the barcodes under “Ticket Details” option.

Method 3: Check Mailbox for more Details

Sometimes Ticketmaster doesn’t release the tickets with all information and barcode in starting and sends you notification mail on your registered mail id that “Your tickets aren’t quite ready yet”.

This practice is basically followed for security concern by Ticketmaster that it would release the tickets and barcodes to registered users just some days earlier to event, usually they do it just 5 days before the event.

In that case, just wait till Ticketmaster releases the tickets with barcode and make it available into your account.

Note: Users who have transferred the tickets to their Apple Wallet or accessing the tickets from Apple wallet won’t be able to see the barcodes as it is not available there as of now.

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You can only access the rest ticket details into you apple wallet.

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