How to Get Textnow Account Number And PIN?

Textnow Account Number And PIN

If you are trying to port your Textnow carrier to a new carrier then you will need three things, your Textnow address, Textnow PIN and Textnow Account number.

Until you have all three you will not be able to port your phone to a new carrier from Textnow operator.

However, you might be confused about how you can get all these things.

You might be in need of making some changes in your account, in which case you will again need the Textnow Number and the PIN.

That is why we are here to help you get them!

Textnow is a VoIP service that is popular in Canada and USA.

By using the services of Textnow you can call any number within Canada and USA without any issue.

In this article, we will be going over the process through which you can easily get your Textnow account number and PIN that you might have forgotten.

What are Textnow Account Numbers and PIN Numbers?

Text Now account number is simply your phone number as unlike other carriers Textnow does not give a unique account number on your activation of the SIM.

It is not a special number that is given to all the subscribers rather it is your own phone number.

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However, the account number is an important number as you will need it to submit any changes in your Textnow account or to port your Phone to other networks.

Textnow PIN number is the security PIN that you created when you set up the Textnow account for the first time.

This PIN number adds a layer of security to your Textnow account.

There have been a few scammers in the past who have tried to access personal data by asking for the account number from Textrnow users however due to the PIN number those accounts were kept safe.

How to get Textnow Account Number?

To get the account number of your Textnow account you just need to put 1 before the 10-digit phone number and then you will have to put that number wherever you are being asked for the account number.

(1)10 Digit Phone Number – This is the format of your Account number for Textnow.

You can never lose it as it is your phone number.

How to get Textnow PIN Number?

Textnow PIN Number

To get your Textnow PIN number you will have to contact Customer Support for Textnow.

You can contact them through the live chat option on the website and also by directly emailing them here and writing about the reason why you want your PIN Number.

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You should be hearing from them within a couple of hours, if you don’t then please reach out to their customer Support Page.

How to Port with Textnow Address?

When you are porting your number to another carrier you might be asked for your address.

You will have to use the same address that you have entered for your Textnow account.

In case you have changed your address then you will have to update your address in your Textnow account and then give the same address to the new carrier where you are outing your Phone.

To change your address you can contact the Support Team of Textnow and they will help you out.

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