What Does Snapchat Purple Circle Around Bitmoji Mean

Among the many eye-catching features, the Snapchat map, also known as Snap Map, presents a fun way to interact with friends and engage with their activities.

This innovative feature brings with it a variety of symbols and colors, each signaling different meanings.

One such symbol is the Purple Circle around a Bitmoji. This article aims to explain what this Purple Circle on Snapchat signifies.

Before going further, into the meaning of the Purple Circle, it’s important to understand the concept of Bitmojis on Snapchat.

Bitmojis are personalized avatars that Snapchat users create to represent themselves in the app.

They appear on the Snap Map, in chats, and in various other places throughout the app. They’re designed to add an extra level of personalization and fun to Snapchat interactions.

What Does Snapchat Purple Circle Around Bitmoji Mean?

Purple circle around Bitmoji means that the user has a new Story that they’ve just posted. The purple color is specifically chosen because Snapchat Stories are typically represented by the color purple throughout the app.

The app uses a variety of colors to signify different statuses and actions. For example, a blue circle indicates a user has shared a Story, and a green circle represents that the user is currently in a Chat.

The Purple Circle, however, has a unique purpose.

Thus, the Purple Circle around a Bitmoji indicates that the user has added something new to their Story, prompting their friends to view it.

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When it comes to Bitmojis on the Snap Map, colors play a significant role in indicating a user’s activity or status. Here, the Purple Circle around a Bitmoji primarily signifies that the user has posted a new Story. It’s a cue to friends that there’s fresh content available for viewing.

It’s worth noting that while purple is generally associated with audio in other parts of Snapchat, its application in the Snap Map is different.

The Purple Circle around the Bitmoji doesn’t necessarily mean the new Story contains audio—it merely points out that there is a new Story available.

To view the Story of the person with the Purple Circle around their Bitmoji, all you need to do is tap on their Bitmoji.

This action will open their Story, allowing you to see what your friend has recently shared. If you do not view the Story within 24 hours, the Purple Circle will disappear, indicating that the Story has expired.

What Does Purple Ring Around Snapchat Bitmoji But Not Friends Mean?

A purple ring around a Bitmoji on Snapchat, even if they’re not your friend, indicates that the person has recently added to their public Story.

Snapchat displays public Stories from a variety of users, including popular personalities, to encourage community engagement.

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The purple ring serves as a prompt for you to view these Stories, even if the user isn’t directly connected to you as a friend.

What Does Purple Circle Around Snapchat Story No Lock Mean?

A purple circle around a Snapchat story with no lock symbol signifies that the particular story includes photos or videos and is available for you to view.

The absence of the lock symbol means this story is not private and is open for all friends or any Snapchat user (depending on the user’s privacy settings) to view.

The purple circle serves as a visual cue that new content has been posted to this story.

what Does purple circle around snapchat story not friends mean?

A purple circle around a Snapchat story of someone who is not your friend means that the user has made their Story public, allowing anyone on Snapchat, regardless of friendship status, to view it.

This usually happens with influencers, celebrities, or other public figures who wish to share their Stories with all Snapchat users. The purple circle is there to draw your attention to this new, viewable content.

what does the purple circle mean on snapchat when someone adds you?

When someone adds you on Snapchat, you will not see a purple circle around their Bitmoji or name.

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The purple circle usually indicates a new Story from a user. However, when someone adds you, you will receive a notification in the form of a friend request.

After accepting the request, you can then see their public Stories, which may be indicated by a purple circle if they have recently posted.


In summary, Snapchat’s visual language, including symbols like the Purple Circle around a Bitmoji, is designed to enhance user engagement and make the app more enjoyable to use.

The Purple Circle, specifically, signals that a user has a new Story to share. It’s a call to action inviting friends to view the Story before it disappears after 24 hours.

By understanding these symbols, Snapchat users can better navigate the app and keep up with their friends’ activities.

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