How to Separate Marketplace Messages from Messenger

Facebook is an important app when it comes to the social media platforms. Facebook is one of the oldest social media apps that boosts a huge variety of features which enables it to attract its customers.

Facebook is a renowned app that is well known for its efficient facilities provided to its users which enables them to chat easily and communicate with others in the platform.

Facebook has also added new features such as Facebook Marketplace that have attracted more users in recent times.

Differences Between Facebook Messenger and Marketplace Messages?

Facebook has two features available among many others, the Facebook Messenger and the Facebook Marketplace.

With the help of the Facebook Messenger a user is able to easily communicate with another through messages whereas the Facebook Marketplace is a platform created by Facebook where users can easily sell their items among other users.

Through the use of messenger Facebook had tried to capture the attention of its users by making them have easy conversation and communication with their friends and family.

On the other hand through Facebook Marketplace the user can easily sell their items that they have listed in the platform and which can be seen by other users of Facebook.

How to Separate Marketplace Messages From Messenger?

If you are using the latest messenger app, just open your app and click menu icon, available on top left (three horizontal lines), select second available option “Marketplace” and all the separated marketplace messages would be shown here.

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For older messenger app, to separate Marketplace messages from other messages, you will need to turn on the filter settings where you can select the marketplace option from various other options given in the filter.

Below are the steps given in detail so that you can follow them to separate the messages of Marketplace in your Messenger app.

Step 1: First go to your facebook application and login to your own account from your device.

Step 2: Next go to the menu icon which is there in the upper right corner of your Facebook application and tap on it.

Step 3: You have to now select “Settings and Privacy” from the options that will be there and another list of options will open.

Step 4: In the newly opened list you will have to select the option called “Notifications” and tap on it and another list will open.

Step 5: Now from the list of options that have opened you will need to search and choose the option “Messenger” and click on it.

Step 6: In your Messenger option you will be able to see various different options such as New Messages”, “New Story Messages” and “New Group Messages,”.

Here you will need to turn off all the categories from where you do not want to receive any notifications.

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After you are done you can then go back and use Facebook as you’ve been using it before.

But now your Marketplace messages have been separated from your other messages in your Facebook Messenger.

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