Can You Return You Verizon Phone After 30 Days

Are you interested in returning your Verizon phone?

Maybe you have recently purchased a wireless device from Verizon but now you are not very sure that you want to keep using it. Or the device might already be damaged when you received it.

In such a situation you might be wondering what is the right way of returning the product to Verizon and whether you are already too late to do it.

There is no need to feel stressed anymore as we are here to help you!

In this article, we will be clearing all your doubts regarding whether you can return your Verizon device after 30 days and answer all other questions that you have regarding it as well. So, without further delay let’s start reading!

Can You Return You Verizon Phone After 30 Days?

No, you can not return your Verizon Phone after 30 days have passed. However, if you want to then you could return your Verizon phone within 30 days and get a new one.

Verizon will charge you a restocking fee of $50 if the wireless is in good condition. But if the wireless is damaged or isn’t working as it should then the restocking fee will be higher.

Alternatives to Returning Verizon Phone After 30 Days

If returning the phone to Verizon is not an option, you may consider other alternatives:

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1. Trade-In

Verizon offers a trade-in program where you can get value for your current device towards a new one.

2. Sell the Device

There are many platforms online where you can sell your device independently.

3. Reach Out to Customer Support

If you have a genuine reason for not being able to return the phone within the stipulated time, explaining your situation to Verizon’s customer support may yield a positive outcome.

Can I Return My Verizon Phone After 30 Days

Can You Exchange Your Phone at Verizon After 14 Days?

Yes, you can exchange your Verizon phone after 14 days. However, make sure to exchange the phone within 30 days as you can not exchange it after 30 days have passed.

Also. if you have a sealed package and haven’t open at all and you want to exchange it then you should think about doing it within 14 days as you will not have to pay any restocking fee then.

However, if you exchange the sealed package after 14 days have passed then you will have to pay the mandatory $50 fee to Verizon.

Can I Exchange My Phone at Verizon After 14 Days

What is Verizon’s Restocking Fee?

Verizon comes with a robust return policy which allows customers to return a product within 30 days of the purchase. However, it has a catch. You will have to pay $50 as a restocking fee when you are returning the product.

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However, you can easily avoid this Restocking fee if you don’t like your new device and want to return it. To know more, read our article entirely.

When Will You Get Charged the Verizon Restocking Fee?

Verizon will charge you a Restocking fee every time you return a wireless device that you purchased from there.

You will have to pay a fee of $50 when you are returning the wireless item to Verizon. You will need to return the device in brand-new condition.

The accessories that came with the device will also have to be returned.

The device also has to be returned within 30 days of purchasing it.

Can Verizon’s Restocking Fee Be Waived?

Yes, Verizon restocking fee can get waived if you meet certain conditions while returning the device.

1. Purchase the Product in Hawaii

If the product is purchased in Hawaii then you can return it without getting charged a Restocking fee. Verizon does not charge any Customers Restocking fee for a product that has been purchased from Hawaii.

2. Return the Sealed Product 

Verizon will waive your Restocking fee if you return the product without tampering with the sealed package or the sealed sticker.

If you haven’t opened the seal of the package then you will not have to give any Resticing fee in case of return of the said device.

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However, to avail of this special feature you will have to return the product within 14 days of making the purchase.

3. Damaged Product

If you receive a product that is already damaged or is broken then you do not have to pay a Resticking fee when you want to return that product to Verizon.

Due to their robust warranty policy, you will be able to return the product without any hassle and without having to pay anything for it.

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