How to Earn Money on Studypool

Want an answer for ‘How to earn money on Studypool’? Not aware about Studypool Earn money by Selling Study documents? Are you one among the students who accumulate and write proper notes and assignments in your class? Are you looking for ways to earn money as a student?

No more doubts, you will get to know all the answers for ‘How to earn money on Studypool’ and how to sell study documents, how much you can earn on the platform and what is the minimum payout on Studypool. Just go through the article to the end to know ‘How to earn money on Studypool. 

Studypool is a great platform for students to get and sell Study documents online. Isn’t it exciting to know that they cover almost all streams of education ranging from Science to humanities, Studypool’s core audience is in the United States. As well as in India and Iraq. You can earn up to $7500 per month with Studypool. 

Does Studypool Really Pay For Selling Documents?

Yes! You can earn money from Studypool by just selling your study documents online. There are many people from Studypool who Earn Money by Selling Study Documents on the website. You can see the highly earned documents on their website page itself.

The most earned document on their page is the Introduction to Terminology And Body Organization Study guide, it earned $4404 by selling 734 students on Studypool.

However, to earn money on Studypool you should fulfill certain criteria like having a good title and quality contact, and much more. Your document will be verified and Approved by Study before it reaches the Studypool users. 

You will get an answer for ‘How to earn money on Studypool by selling documents, becoming a tutor or answering students question’ in the following article.

Why Choose Studypool For Online Earning?

Studypool is Trusted by many Students across the world, I chose Studypool to earn money because it is a legit website and you can work at your convenience. This is like a Win-Win situation, you earn money by just selling your notes. You learn and make money at the same time. 

There Are A Few reasons listed For Choosing Studypool to Earn Money By Selling Study Documents Online As A Student:

  • Reliable Website:  Studypool was founded in 2014 and it is a trusted and legit website for millions of Studypool users across the world.
  • Low Service rates: They only take 20% of your earnings as a commission which is a really low service rate compared to other websites. 
  • Convenience And Freedom: You are free from deadlines and work at your own convenient place and time.
  • Reliable Income: You are earning money by answering other students’ doubts and questions, selling documents, and tutoring. 
  • Earning Money As You Learn: You will be earning money on their website and at the same time you are learning. 
  • Passive Income: After you upload your study document on Studypool, you will be getting money whenever students view your study document.

The answer for ‘How to earn money on Studypool’ by selling study documents is been answered. And this is a great side hustle for students from school kids to research scholars.

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How To Earn Money On Studypool?

You can earn money on the Studypool in 3 different ways, such as Studypool earn money by selling study documents, becoming a tutor and answering students’ questions on the Studypool site.

The methods for ‘How to earn money on Studypool’ are done in the 3 different ways, that are mentioned in detail below.

1. Studypool Earn Money By Selling Study Documents

As we are discussing in the article, you will be able to find the answer for ‘How to Earn money on Studypool by Selling Study Document’ online. All you have to do is sign up with Studypool and start selling your documents on their website. After you upload your Study Documents, you will be earning money every time a student views your document.

Steps For ‘How To Earn Money On Studypool’ By Selling Study Documents Online;

  • Enter your Email ID, Unique Username and Set A Password
  • Verification Email will be sent by Studypool on your email
  • Verify it
  • Log In With your email/ username and Password
  • Select ‘Sel docs’ on their top of the Studypool Page
  • Upload Your Study Documents
  • Your Document will be verified by Studypool. 
  • If it is approved, you will earn money every time a user accesses it. If your document is declined, they will not allow you to sell the document.

Your document should have good headings and subheadings, high quality content and added document details while uploading. Studypool strictly restricts plagiarized content or duplicate content. Review the below image for more reference before uploading your documents on the website for ‘How to earn money on Studypool by Selling Study Documents’.

2. Become A Tutor And Studypool Earn Money

Like selling your Study Document online to help students, you can also earn money by tutoring students on your domain. To become a tutor, you need to apply on a Studypool tutor application. It will take a minimum 30 minutes to complete. After submitting that application, your result will be emailed within 12 hours and then you can start tutoring.

Steps To Become A Studypool Tutor For ‘How To Earn Money On Studypool’ Online By Tutoring Students:

  • Go to Studypool Website
  • Sign Up with your Email Id and Password
  • Select Become A Tutor on their website top column
  • Select ‘Start Your Application’
  • Choose ‘Start Appling’, this will take a minimum of 30 minutes to more than an hour
  • Fill in your Personal details, education, and Work experience
  • Write A Bio and Add an Amount per Hour. it ranges from $10 to $250
  • You have to select a domain area
  • And they will give you a topic. You have to write 3 articles, you can choose different areas from your domain. You will be given choices for the topics.
    • It should be 250 to 500 words
    • AMA style
    • It should include At Least one APA format Citation
    • Plagiarism Free 
    • No Grammar And Spelling Mistakes
  • In case you fail to meet the requirements of your article, you will be rejected.
  • You have to Verify your ID
  • For verification, you are asked to Upload an image Of You Holding Your ID and A Message On A Paper
  • Agree to Their Terms And Conditions
  • Sign on the column of Signature
  • Your Application will be Successfully Submitted on their website
  • After you get selected as a Tutor, you will have to get students on their website to get paid. Now, you will be able to know ‘How to Earn Money On Studypool’ as a tutor.
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These are the steps applied for ‘How To Earn Money On Studypool as a tutor’. The whole process may take a day or 13 hours at a minimum including the waiting time.

You can be a high school or university/ college student or a teacher to become a tutor on the Studypool website.

The key to being accepted as a tutor is to write the article with all the requirements fulfilled.

And the key to earning money is to become an established tutor on their Studypool website.

All the conversations between the tutor and student will be happening on the Studypool platform only.

So, no need to worry about using a personal mobile number or social media handle. This is the answer for your question ‘How To earn money on Studypool as a tutor’ .

3. Studypool Earn Money By Answering Users Or Students On Studypool

After you become a tutor on Studypool, you will have to bid an amount and time limit for answering students’ questions on their website.

If you are accepted for answering the question, you will have to answer the question within the time limit.

If you are using Chat GPT or any plagiarized content for answering students’ questions, you will be fined $100 for plagiarizing.

You will have accepted this while applying as a tutor on the Studypool website. 

You are qualified to answer the questions asked by the students or users only if they fall into your domain area of knowledge. 

You can earn money by following any of the 3 methods on the Studypool platform. You can also switch between Student and tutor mode simultaneously. Everything required some amount of passion, the same goes for ‘How to earn money on Studypool’ by Selling Study Documents or ‘How to earn money on Studypool as a tutor’.

 You need to become an established tutor to earn. For ‘How to Earn Money On Studypool’ by Selling Study Documents requires a good quality note or document, You should follow the do’s and don’ts for selling study documents online,

How Much Does Studypool Pay Per Page?

The Studypool Study Document cost is $3.5 to $7 per page. For a standard study tutor guide, it starts from $3.5, if you are from one of the Ivy League the price might range from $4 to $7 depending on the technical and job nature. 

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For urgent and night orders, you will get $4 and you will also get bonuses on Studypool for timely delivery or meeting the timeline properly. One slide brings you $2 and for a Microsoft slide, you will get more than $2. 

How Much Can You Earn On The Studypool On Monthly Basis? 

You can earn up to $7500 per month based on your bid, tutoring and study document views. Studypool allows various ways to earn money such as tutoring, answering, and selling documents on their website.

Once your tutoring is completed, your tutor amount will be processed within 3 business days on your Studypool Account. You can earn depending on your potential and the time you spend on Studypool.

You will be credited on the 15th of the month by calculating the orders you completed from day 1 to 15th of the month. You will get more money for a night or urgent orders. You will be credited the amount through one of their payment methods.

The Studypool Payment methods Are Listed:

  •  Paypal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Western Union
  • Direct bank Transfer

After you answer a bid and after it is reviewed by the student, you will be credited the bit amount to your Studypool account within the next 72 hours of reviewing your answer. You will get up to $10 each time a student views your Study document to your Studypool account.

What Is the Minimum Payout From The Studypool?

The minimum payout is $50 on the Studypool. You will not be able to transfer money if it is below $50 on your Studypool account.

You will have to earn the minimum payout amount to transfer the amount to your bank account.

You will be getting a detailed view of how Studypool earns Money by selling Study documents, tutoring, and answering.

You can follow the tutor applying steps mentioned in this article for applying on Studypool, remember to follow all the steps and remember all the requirements on your article to get accepted. 

This article will answer your questioned ‘How to earn money on Studypool’ in three different ways. Follow all the steps mentioned for your requirement on ‘How to earn money on Studypool’.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and fined on the Studypool, so don’t try to copy from random pages or use AI like ChatGPT to avoid being fined $100. 

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