How to Fix Cash App Bitcoin Verification Not Working

Do you need help with using a Cash App to verify your Bitcoin transactions? You’re not the only one who has experienced the annoying “Cash App Bitcoin Verification Pending.” 

In this article, we’ll examine this issue’s root causes and provide practical troubleshooting advice for fixing it. 

This article will make it easy for you to get through the verification process and verify your Bitcoin transactions quickly, whether you’re new to Cash App or a seasoned user.

Why Cash App Bitcoin Verification Not Working

The following can be why the Cash App Bitcoin Verification is not working. 

1. Network Congestion

Verification delays could happen when the Bitcoin network is busy processing many pending transactions.

2. Insufficient Transaction Fees

Bitcoin transactions using Cash App are subject to transaction fees. If your fee is too low, it can take longer to authenticate the transaction, putting it in a pending position.

3. Incomplete Process of Verification

 Your Bitcoin transactions can still be pending if you need to finish the verification processes Cash App requires, such as giving personal information or proving your identity.

How To Fix Cash App Bitcoin Verification Not Working

Let’s look at some efficient troubleshooting techniques to fix the “Cash App Bitcoin Verification Pending” problem now:

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1. Check the Network Connection 

 Make sure your internet connection is steady before you do anything else. To rule out network-related difficulties, see if other applications and websites usually function.

2. Check Transaction Details

Again, verify the transaction’s specifics—including the receiver, amount, and Bitcoin address. Any errors might lead to delays or unsuccessful verifications.

3. Upgrading the Transaction Fee

You can raise your transaction fee if it’s insufficient. By manually adjusting the cost, Cash App customers may give their transactions more priority.

4. Wait Patiently

Your transaction might take some time to validate if the network is busy. It is recommended to exercise patience in these situations and let the network handle the pending transactions. 

Although it occasionally takes longer when there is a lot of traffic, bitcoin transactions are usually verified within a few hours.

5. Inquire with Cash App Support

 It’s suggested to get in touch with Cash App support if, after doing the actions above, your Bitcoin verification is still waiting after a considerable amount of time. 

They can offer particular guidance and information on the progress of your transaction.


It might be annoying to encounter a “Cash App Bitcoin Verification Pending” problem, but you can get over it by following the correct troubleshooting procedures. 

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In this article, we’ve examined why verification takes longer than expected and offered workable methods to help you fix the issue.