How to get App Appearance in Snapchat

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app that is well known across the globe. In order to keep their software user-friendly and engage their users more, Snapchat developers consistently introduce and update new features. 

Users of Snapchat’s iOS and Android apps can now choose ‘App Appearance’ in their app settings.

Snapchat now has a dark mode option in its App Appearance setting.

For better performance and a more effective user interface, most social media apps have been converted to dark mode. Also, Snapchat introduces its much-anticipated Dark Mode feature. 

Dark themes for Snapchat can be activated by going to the App Appearance setting on the app and changing the theme.

We have provided detailed explanations of how to get Snapchat app appearance along with how to get Snapchat dark mode in article below. 

Is Snapchat available in Dark Mode?

Yes, Snapchat has released the Dark mode feature to limited users as Beta testing for limited iOS users and planing to release soon for everyone.

Dark mode is available by default in the Snapchat iOS app, but it is not activated.

You can activate dark mode in Snapchat via two settings:

  • Using iPhone’s system-wide Dark Mode
  • Using Snapchat’s Dark Mode itself.

Dark mode isn’t available in Snapchat, and it isn’t used by the system setting either. Dark mode is supported on iOS and Android, but the Android app works differently.

As a result, Snapchat currently does not offer a dark mode for Android (although the tips below may be helpful). 

Benefits of the Snapchat Dark Mode

The dark mode reduces the screen brightness, reducing power consumption in addition to aesthetics.

Since it’s been known that constantly lighting up a screen drains the battery, lowering the screen brightness is one of the most popular ways to conserve battery life.

This special mode is equally useful in a movie theater, since fewer distractions are needed. Another benefit is using the Snapchat app at night while in the dark mode.

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How to Get a Snapchat App Appearance?

To Get Snapchat App Appearance, Go to Snapchat App -> Click on Profile -> Click Settings -> My Account -> Choose App Appearance.

Here are a few simple steps to help you understand how to get Snapchat App Appearance on their Snapchat accounts.

Steps to Get Snapchat App Appearance:

Step 1: First, update your smartphone’s Snapchat app to the latest version, whether it’s for Android or iOS. For an Android update, search in Google Play Store and for iOS into Apple Play Store.

Step 2: Open the Snapchat app after the app has been updated successfully.

Step 3: Click on your profile icon

Step 4: On the top left corner of the screen, tap on the Settings icon.

Step 5: In the My Account menu, choose “App Appearance”.

Once your Snapchat app has been set up, you can choose your desired look.

You can choose Snapchat’s “Dark Mode” from the dropdown menu.

Steps to Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat on iPhone

To Enable Snapchat Dark Mode on iPhone, Go to Snapchat App -> Click on Profile Picture -> Click Settings Gear Icon-> My Account -> Choose App Appearance -> Choose ‘Always Dark’ Mode.

The most important thing users need to know is Snapchat is testing the appearance of its app.

Users of iPhones, especially those in the United States and Australia, will most likely have access to this service.

The Snapchat dark mode theme on Android should be enabled gradually, so Android users should wait some time to do so.

Here we will discuss how to enable dark mode on Snapchat for iPhones.

Steps to Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat on iPhone:

Step 1: Log onto Snapchat using your account username/password.

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Step 2: On the left side of the screen, tap on the upper-left corner to access your profile picture.

Step 3: On your profile page, click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner.

Step 4: The “App Appearance” option would be visible at the bottom of the list on the settings page, next to the “My Account” section.

If “App Appearance” option is not visible, Snapchat Dark mode is not currently supported into your iPhone or country/region.

If the option appears on the list, tap “App Appearance”.

From the menu, choose “Always Dark” to enable Snapchat’s dark mode.

As your iPhone automatically changes from light to dark throughout the day, Snapchat can also do so, by enabling the “Match System”.

Steps to Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat on Android

You may not be able to enable dark mode on Snapchat on Android device because it has not been released to the Android users as of now.

Alternatively to enable snapchat Dark mode on Android, you can do by enabling it from Developer mode.

The following steps will help you to get the Snapchat Dark Mode theme on your Android device: 

Steps to Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat on Android:

To Enable Snapchat Dark Mode on Android, Go to Settings -> Click on ‘About Phone’ -> Click ‘Software Information’ -> Click ‘Build Information’ Six times to Enable Developer Mode -> -> Click Force Dark Mode ‘On’.

Step 1: Activate the Dark Mode across your entire device by going to the ‘settings’ menu and selecting the Display option.

Step 2: To access the ‘About Phone’ section, Go to the Settings option on Android Phone.

Step 3: Click on ‘Software Information’, and look for the Build Information section.

Step 4: Click ‘Build Information’ six times to activate ‘Developer Mode’.

Step 5: Once you Click the ‘Force Dark Mode’ panel ‘On’, Snapchat will automatically start working in dark mode in Android Phone.

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Why is Snapchat App Appearance Missing?

It may be easy to find the App Appearance section within the Snapchat settings menu, but not everyone have access to it as of now.

In order to limit how many people are able to use dark mode, Snapchat has only updated it as a Beta testing feature.

Thus far, iPhone users from the United States and Australia have been given preference over others.

‘App Appearance’ must be displayed under the ‘My Account’ section in order for dark mode to be available, so if it isn’t, the user is not likely eligible due to wide region feature release limit from Snapchat or your phone limitation. 

Make sure the app on a device is up-to-date so it will be ready for dark mode when it is available. In the app store of your device, users can check if Snapchat has any outstanding updates.


By putting the Snapchat app in dark mode, Snapchat becomes more aesthetically pleasing for users.

The Dark mode can be enabled by clicking the settings icon in the top right corner of the Snapchat app.

You will find it in the Settings area under the “Snapchat appearance” option. You can enable Dark Mode by clicking the arrow next to “Dark Mode” and clicking “On.”

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