How to Fix Ticketmaster Queue id Error

When a popular event goes on sale, Ticketmaster uses a temporary queue to manage the high amount of traffic on their website.

This queue is not the official queue for purchasing tickets, and it is not necessary to be on the website hours before the official time of sale.

When the official time of sale arrives, the queue refreshes and starts again, and this is when the official queue for purchasing tickets begins.

Being on the website early does not guarantee a better spot in the queue, and everyone will be placed in the queue when the show goes on sale.

It is best to wait until the official time of sale to access the website and purchase tickets.

Steps to use Ticketmaster Smart Queue are as follows:

  1. Go to the Ticketmaster website and search the event you want to attend.
  2. Join the waiting room at least 10 minutes prior to the event going on sale.
  3. When the sale begins, the queue will open and you will be given a place in line.
  4. Once it is your turn to shop, you can use the map to select your seat.
  5. Now you can proceed to checkout once finalize the tickets as per your preference.

Note that during high-demand sales, tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are not guaranteed.

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Additionally, if you are planning to shop for an event on your mobile device, it is important not to allow your screen to dim or your waiting room will pause.

What is Ticketmaster Queue id Error?

A Ticketmaster queue id error may occur when a customer is trying to access the Ticketmaster waiting room, but the system is unable to identify their place in the virtual queue.

This error may occur for a variety of reasons, such as if the customer is using a different device or browser than they originally used to enter the waiting room, or if there is a problem with the Ticketmaster website.

How to Fix Ticketmaster Queue id Error?

To fix Ticketmaster Queue id error, ensure not to login from multiple devices or browsers, use the personal Mobile data or Wi-Fi rather public Wi-Fi connection.

Also you should avoid to share the tickets links with your friends or copy paste the link from one device to another device.

Always browse the site directly without using the shared link or any saved earlier link into browser.

If you were accessing the site for ticket booking from multiple devices or browsers then logout from all and clear the cache/cookies and browser’s history.

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Now again login from single device or use the incognito mode to be ensure that cookies doesn’t make issue for next time.

Note: You need to review your order history prior to retrying your purchase. 

The order status will show up on the page right after you sign in if an order was placed. We advise you to try again if your order doesn't show up in your Order History.

If a customer receives a queue id error, they may need to refresh the page or try accessing the waiting room again from the same device and browser that they used originally.

If the problem still persists and the Ticketmaster queue id error, then you may need to contact customer support for assistance.

If already have an order and want to contact Ticketmaster support team, Login to account > Select the event > Click “Need Help With This Order” then follow the on-screen instructions.

Or submit the request form on Ticketmaster site by Selecting the topics, event name, menu, event date, First Name, Last Name, Email address, subject, billing address, phone number, Last four digits of purchase card, Order Confirmation Number and attachment if anything you have handy with you to share.

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Once the details are submitted, Ticketmaster would be able to reach and help with your stuck order and help out to fix.

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