Fix: Spotify Enhance Button Missing/Gone 2023

While you prepare a playlist on Spotify, the “Enhance” feature assists you in adding the right songs to it. It suggests you the songs out of the 70 million available songs, based on your previous additions to the playlist and thus eases your work of creating the playlist.

You just have to select the songs out of the suggested ones. After every two tracks, the Enhance feature provides you a recommendation. You can add the recommended song by tapping on ‘+’ to add it. 

On turning off the “Enhance” button, all the recommendations will disappear while the selected songs will remain added in your created playlist.

The ‘Enhance’ feature, which was loved by Spotify users, allowed them to discover new music seamlessly by automatically adding songs to their playlists based on their listening preferences.

The sudden absence of the ‘Enhance’ button is tied to a recent Spotify update that replaced the feature with ‘Smart Shuffle.’

This new features inserts automatic song recommendations into your queue after every few songs in a playlist with more than 15 tracks.

Why is the Spotify Enhance Button Missing?

The ‘Enhance’ feature has been phased out from all versions of Spotify, including the iOS and desktop versions.

This means that no matter what platform you’re using, you’re likely to encounter the same issue.

While the ‘Enhance’ option is available for the ‘Liked songs’ playlist, it’s noticeably absent from other playlists.

Interestingly, some users have reported that the ‘Enhance’ feature is still available on the Windows desktop application for all regular playlists, but not for the ‘Liked songs’ playlist.

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This discrepancy indicates that the feature’s removal might not be entirely intentional, which leaves room for a possible return in the future.

How to Fix Spotify Enhance Button Missing?

Currently, there isn’t a direct fix to restore the missing ‘Enhance’ button on Spotify as it was removed in a recent update.

However, users can either adjust to the new ‘Smart Shuffle’ feature that replaced it or try using an older version of the app, which may still have the ‘Enhance’ feature.

While Spotify users wait for an official response or update from the company, there are a few potential workarounds:

Steps to Fix Spotify Enhance Button Missing:

Fix 1. Using an Older Version of Spotify

Some users suggest that installing an older version of Spotify might help retain the ‘Enhance’ button. However, this might not work if the changes are made server-side.

Fix 2. Using the ‘Smart Shuffle’ Feature

Spotify has introduced the ‘Smart Shuffle’ feature as an alternative to ‘Enhance.’ Though it operates differently, it’s designed to recommend songs based on your tastes. Understanding and adjusting to how ‘Smart Shuffle’ works might be the best option in the short term.

Fix 3. By Disabling The ‘Smart Shuffle’ Feature

Some users have found a way to disable ‘Smart Shuffle,’ which might restore a more familiar listening experience. However, it’s worth noting that this won’t bring back the ‘Enhance’ button.

Fix 4: Log in Your Account on Another Device

You should also try to login your Spotify account on another device. Preferably in a device, in which any of your friend or family member is able to use the enhance button on his/her Spotify account.

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This will help you to determine, if it is your account that is faulty or the problem is with your device.

Why is the Spotify Enhance button Not Showing?

The Spotify ‘Enhance’ button is not showing because it was replaced with the ‘Smart Shuffle’ feature in a recent update.

This change is consistent across all platforms, meaning users no longer have the ‘Enhance’ option in their playlists, with the exception of the ‘Liked Songs’ playlist.

Steps to Use Spotify ‘Smart Shuffle’ Feature in replace of “Enhance” Button:

  1. Open Spotify and go to your preferred playlist.
  2. Click on the ‘Shuffle’ icon, which is typically located at the top of your playlist or in the ‘Now Playing’ view.
  3. Cycle through the shuffle options until ‘Smart Shuffle’ is activated. You’ll know it’s enabled when the icon turns green.
  4. Play your playlist. Spotify’s ‘Smart Shuffle’ will automatically insert song recommendations into your queue based on your listening preferences.


It’s clear that Spotify’s removal of the ‘Enhance’ button has left its mark on users, highlighting the power and influence of such features on a music streaming experience.

Spotify, known for its user-focused approach, may revisit the decision based on user feedback. Until then, the Spotify community will continue exploring and adjusting to the changes, always in the quest for the perfect playlist.


Where Did the “Enhance” Button Go on Spotify?

The ‘Enhance’ button on Spotify was replaced with the ‘Smart Shuffle’ feature in a recent update.
Now, instead of adding songs directly to your playlist, ‘Smart Shuffle’ inserts recommendations into your queue, changing the way you discover new music on the platform.

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Why Does My Spotify Not Have the Enhance Option?

Your Spotify doesn’t have the ‘Enhance’ option because it was removed in a recent update. Spotify replaced the ‘Enhance’ feature with ‘Smart Shuffle’ across all platforms, altering how users discover and add new songs to their playlists.

Why Spotify Enhance Button Not Showing on Liked Songs?

The Spotify ‘Enhance’ button is not showing on ‘Liked Songs’ due to a recent update which introduced the ‘Smart Shuffle’ feature, replacing the ‘Enhance’ feature. This change is applicable across all platforms and playlists, including ‘Liked Songs’.

There’s currently no direct way to restore the missing ‘Enhance’ button on ‘Liked Songs’ in Spotify, as it has been replaced by the ‘Smart Shuffle’ feature in a recent update. However, users can learn to utilize the new ‘Smart Shuffle’ feature to discover music based on their preferences.

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