How to Fix Discord not Sending SMS Code

Discord, one of the most popular apps for communicating between friends and families have many ways through which the app verifies the identify of its users and one such way is its phone verification.

What is Discord Phone Verification?

Through Discord Phone verification the user is asked to verify the phone number that they have provided to Discord.

It is a part of two way authentication of Discord, using this, Discord is able to identify whether they are human or robots.

Discord has two steps verification procedure that its users needs to complete to have a fully verified account.

The first one is email verification which is compulsory and the second one is phone verification which is optional.

Through phone verification, Discord will verify the phone number that you have provided into initial registration.

Thus, it is best and advisable that you provide a phone number which has your name registered on it.

Why is Discord Not Sending SMS Code?

If Discord is not able to send SMS code that means either you are not using the correct phone number format or your entered phone number is not correct.

There are high chances that your internet connection is slow and taking time to do the message request from Discord server side itself.

There can be other multiple reasons also due to which Discord is unable to send the SMS code to your phone for the phone verification of Discord.

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Below are some possible reasons that Discord isn’t able to send the SMS code:

  • You might have been provided the phone number that doesn’t support phone verification such as landlines, VOIP and Burner phones; they can not be used for phone verification by Discord.
  • You may have entered the incorrect phone number details mistakenly.
  • You have used that phone number recently to verify an account in Discord thus your number is in timeout phase and you are unable to use the same phone number again.
  • There is some technical issue from your SIM service provider.

How to Fix Discord not Sending SMS Code

To solve the Discord not able to send the SMS code issue, change the phone number to supported phone device to get the SMS verification code and ensure that you are providing the correct phone number to Discord.

Also ensure that you are not using the same phone number to verify the account using which you already have an account.

Atlast, please ensure that there isn’t any technical issue from SIM service provider to get the SMS verification code.

If there seems any issue, then wait for time being till network connection is stable and able to get the generated SMS verification code.

Below are the all fixes mentioned in details those could help you to fix the issue with Discord SMS code verification:

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Fix 1: Check your Phone Number Format

There are many phone number formats that are not supported by Discord for phone number verification.

Such formats will include burner phones, prepaid phones and VOIP formats.

In such cases use a phone number that is supported by the Discord phone verification system.

Fix 2: Check Whether You have Entered the Correct Phone Number

It might have happened that you entered wrong phone number when you provided your phone number to Discord.

Thus, you should check the phone number again that you have entered into Discord.

If you have entered wrong phone number, you should change it to the correct one so that you can get the SMS Code.

Fix 3: You Recently Verified an account with Same Number

Discord does not allow users to verify multiple accounts with the same phone number frequently.

If you have already verified one Discord account from same number then you should wait for sometime and the again try verifying the account.

Discord might take sometime to allow the same number to be used again for another account and you might be facing the problem from that meantime.

Fix 4: Check Internet Connection and Signal Strength

The issue can also occur due to having an unstable and slow internet connection.

You should also check whether you have the good signal strength to receive SMS code from Discord.

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In that case, if signals are less stable then please contact the service provider and try to have the stable internet connection.

Sometime if you are facing issue with mobile data then try to switch to Wi-Fi connection or vice-versa.

When the internet issue is resolved and you have a stable and fast connection of internet, you will be able to receive the SMS Code.

Fix 5: Contact the Discord Technical Support

After trying all fixes, if still not able to get the phone number SMS verification code then you can connect the Discord’s technical support team.

You can reach out to Discord either through their official twitter account where you can go to the personalised page made by Discord or email them on and explain your issue in details to get the faster resolution.

Also you can submit a request to Discord by mentioning the issue in detail along with your email id and supported error’s screenshot as an attachment.

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