How To Fix CRA Result Code 15

Are you getting “Rejected Result Code 15 Your account is locked if you need assistence please contact us” error?

CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) is the Canadian federal government service which oversees the collection of tax and governs law and policy related to tax.

Every year a business or individual is required to file for an income tax return which has been made easy by using the online CRA service where you need to create a CRA account.

Unfortunately, many people have reported that they encounter an error with “result code 15” while trying to file a return using NETFILE or other tax filing software.

If you are also facing the same issue of “result code 15” then you can fix it. In this article, you will know the meaning of result code 15 and how to fix it.

What Is CRA Result Code 15?

When you file for tax using software like NETFILE, you may encounter a result code 15 error which means that your account is locked.

It can happen due to the exceeded limit of attempts for tax filing in the NETFILE software.

If you have tried to file taxes but it did not happen on the first attempt then you may have tried again. In such cases, trying for more than five attempts will lock your account.

How To Fix CRA Result Code 15?

If you are getting the result code 15 while attempting to file a tax return then the best thing to do is to contact CRA support to further assist you with your issues.

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When you use NETFILE software for tax return filing then exceeding the attempt will result in the locking of your NETFILE account and not the CRA MyAccount.

So, when you contact CRA support you should mention that you were filing tax through NETFILE and you got the result code 15 error along with the “Rejected” word while filing.

You can ask them to confirm if your CRA MyAccount is not locked and if they received your tax return as you attempted it.

If you attempted more than 5 times then it will automatically get your NETFILE account blocked and to unlock it you will have to call on 1-800-959-8281 as only the CRA team can help you to unlock your account.

You can also reach out to the CRA Support team by calling on 1-855-330-3305 for individual-related issues.

There are also restrictions that you can check before filing for a tax return using NETFILE. If you do any of the activities under the restricted section then you will not be able to file for tax return.

You can also read other restrictions to avoid making any mistakes while filing for tax returns.

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