How to Fix Cash App Identity Verification Pending

The popular mobile payment app Cash App needs you to undergo an identity verification process. Through this authentication, you may access certain services and more significant transaction limits while ensuring security and preventing fraud. You may run into a pending state while going through the identity verification procedure. 

We’ll examine the causes of the delay in Cash App identification verification in this article and provide some possible fixes.

Why Cash App Identity Verification Pending

Your Cash App authentication may have yet to be completed for several reasons. Here are a few of the most typical:

1. Incomplete Infomation

Your identity verification will be pending until you finish it if you do not supply all the required information or documents throughout the verification procedure.

2. Technical Problems

Your Cash App’s identity verification may be delayed due to technical problems. This can result from server problems, app upgrades, or other technical difficulties.

3. Heavy Traffic

Occasionally, Cash App receives a large number of verification requests, which slows down processing. This is particularly typical during times of high demand or market turbulence.

4. Unreliable Information

Your verification will be postponed unless you submit false information throughout the verification procedure until the problem is fixed.

How To Fix Cash App Identity Verification Pending

You may try to do a few things to repair the issue if you’re having problems getting your Cash App account validated.

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First, check to see if your photo ID is visible and readable. Try taking a new photo or scanning your ID again if it isn’t. 

Use an alternative form of identification if yours still needs to be recognized. If the Cash App doesn’t recognize your driver’s license, try your passport or state ID instead. You might try contacting Cash App’s customer service if you still need help with issues.

If, even after receiving all the relevant information, Cash App cannot confirm your identification.

1. Wait For At Least 48 Hours

After doing verification, wait at least 48 hours for the Cash Team to verify your Identification process. If not, then take help from further fixes. 

2. Verify Your Submitted Information

If they’re asking for your ID photo, their verification process may need to be fixed because the data you gave does not match what they’re getting from a third party. Although no one knows your date of birth better than you, if the information you provided differs from what they obtained from their third-party verification system, you must resubmit a photo of your government-issued ID.

3. Update the Cash App to the Latest Version

You need to update your Cash App on the device you are using as it can be the reason for verification pending. To update the Cash App:

  1. Go to Playstore or the App Store.
  2. Go to your profile in the right-hand corner and scroll down.
  3. And then click on the update button placed to the right of the App Icon. 
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4, Take a High-Quality Picture of Your Photo ID

The low resolution of the photo can also make it difficult for Cash App to confirm your identification. When requested, you must snap a fresh image and resubmit it to the Cash App if it was rejected the first time.

Clean the back of the phone’s camera, which is a terrific tip. It’s simple to occasionally fingerprint anything, which blurs the camera and lowers the image quality.

If Cash App cannot see all the features of your ID, they will notify you that they cannot confirm your identity.

5. Uninstall & Reinstall the Cash App

Another alternative is to uninstall Cash App and reinstall it.Reinstall Cash App from the app store after erasing it from your smartphone, and repeat the authentication procedure. 

If there is a software bug, try this procedure; it’s similar to restarting your computer or smartphone. 

If your specific Cash App has any issues, uninstalling it and reinstalling it again can fix the problem.

6. Contact Cash App Support Team

If your verification is pending in the Cash App, it is recommended to contact the Cash App support team for assistance. They can provide guidance and help resolve the verification issue.


The Cash App identification verification process occasionally results in a pending status, which can be annoying. Effective problem-solving depends on understanding the causes of the delay and adopting the necessary measures. 

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Remember to call Cash App’s customer care for tailored assistance to guarantee a seamless verification procedure and follow their advice.