How to Fix Can’t Add Tickets to Apple Wallet

For people using Apple iPhone, Apple wallet is one of the important apps that lets them have access to their money and event tickets that they have purchased beforehand.

However, it can be annoying when the tickets that you have purchased for an event do not show up in the Apple Wallet.

Why You Can’t Add Tickets To Apple Wallet?

There can be multiple reasons that contribute to the issue, some of which are listed below:

  • Your Bank account doesn’t support the Apple Wallet.
  • You haven’t set the correct ZIP code settings to your Apple Wallet account.
  • You are accessing the Apple Wallet account with slow internet connection.
  • Your Apple Wallet app is not updated to latest available version.
  • Your iOS device Date/Time settings are not correct.

How to Fix “Can’t Add Tickets to Apple Wallet”?

Below can be all possible ways to fix the “can’t add Tickets to Apple Wallet” issue.

Fix 1: Validate the Zip Code Settings

Also make sure that you have put the correct Zip code by going to “Settings” >> “General” then “Language and Region”.

There you should check whether you have given the correct region details. If you didn’t then do so and save the changes.

Then reopen the app after closing it and your tickets will show up into Apple wallet as expected.

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However not every region allows Apple Wallet so check before purchasing anything whether your region supports it or not.

Fix 2: Check if Bank Supports the Apple Wallet Integration

You also need to make sure whether your bank supports Apple Wallet. If they do not then change it to another account for which the bank supports Apple Wallet. 

After making sure of all these things, if your tickets still do not show up then you will have to contact the Apple support team to resolve the issue.

You can contact the support team of Apple’s on toll free number: 000 800 100 9009.

You can call and then explain them about the issue that you are facing that are unable to access or add the tickets that you have purchased.

They will quickly help you to recover them to the best of their abilities and you will be able to access your Apple Wallet and find your tickets.

Fix 3: Ensure Time Settings are Correct

You should also make sure that your date and time is correct on your device.

To set the correct time and date, go to “Settings”>> “General” >> and then “Date and Time”.

Once done, restart the apple wallet app and try to add tickets again, you would be able to add tickets now without any issue.

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Fix 4: Reset Apple Wallet App Settings

First, go to Settings >> General > Click reset>> and reset all the settings. Go back to the account and tickets should show up now on your apple wallet.

If the first option is not working then you can try to reboot your device.

Fix 5: Sign-Out and Sign-In into Apple Wallet Account

Sometimes due to account cache issue and long login inactivity, your apple wallet account face issues into ticket sync.

So, you can also try to sign out of your apple account and then sign back again to resolve the issue so that you can see your tickets in your Apple Wallet when you sign back again.

Fix 6: Switch to Stable Internet Connection

You should also check whether your internet connection is strong and reliable or not.

Sometimes this happens due to the connection being weak or having signal problems.

If you see that your connection is weak then check with your Internet service provider.

Or try to switch your connection from mobile to Wi-Fi or vice-versa to try with different network connection.

When your connection is stable and strong again you can just refresh the app and your tickets will show up.

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Fix 7: Update the Apple Wallet App to Latest Version

When you have tried all above mentioned steps and your tickets are still not showing you, you can quickly check whether your app is updated with the latest version or not.

Go to the App Store, search Apple wallet app and check if any recent available app update is present, download and install it.

It would help you out to fix the recent bugs and security vulnerabilities provided by app developers into current installed version.

Open the Apple wallet now again and try to add the tickets, this time you would be able to add the tickets without any issue.

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