Facebook Marketplace Couldn’t Send Tap to Retry

Facebook is a very popular app among people to communicate easily between each others.

Facebook had added many features in recent years which has made it an interesting app for the users to use.

One of the important feature of Facebook is its Marketplace, where an user is able to buy and sell items as they please.

Through Facebook Marketplace the user is able to interact with other users easily to sell and buy products.

Many users when trying to click on send button to send messages, it get failed with message “Couldn’t Send, Tap to Retry”.

In this guide, we would explain the reason and possible fixes to solve the issue.

Facebook Marketplace Couldn’t Send Messages Even After Tapping Retry

You may have encountered the problem where you have not been able to send messages in Facebook Marketplace even after using retry.

It can be because you have expired your message limit by sending too many messages or you are trying to message a user who lives in a country that has restricted access.

Or it could be that your access to Marketplace has been removed.

Below are the reasons discussed thoroughly for your better understanding:

  • You may have been sending too many messages which has made Facebook Marketplace put your messages on hold.
  • The user with whom you are communicating, might be from a country that has restricted  access to Facebook Marketplace, in such case you may not be able to frequently send them messages.
  • Your own access to Facebook Marketplace could have been removed and might be the reason why you cannot send messages.
  • Your internet connection can be slow and unstable which will cause problem for the app to function properly.
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How to Fix Couldn’t Send Tap to Retry in Facebook Marketplace?

To fix the Facebook Marketplace couldn’t send tap to retry error, try to check whether you are communicating with a user from restricted location or country.

Contact to the Facebook support, if you have violated any policy that result to remove your access from their Facebook Marketplace app.

As an alternative you can also clear the Cache of your app, update it and check your internet connection so that it can run smoothly.

Below are the solutions given in more details so that you can solve the issues with ease.

Fix 1: Check Whether You Have Been Messaging Too Frequently

Facebook Marketplace has restrictions that you can not send too many messages in the app.

When you have sent too many messages frequently the Marketplace will restrict your messages and they will not get send.

To avoid this, it is best that you do not send too many messages in Marketplace.

Fix 2: Try to Communicate with Person Who Locates in Restricted Area

Facebook Marketplace has some geographical locations which has restricted access on them.

This makes the users from that area have restricted communication with others. in such a case your messages will not get send.

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You can connect with them in the Marketplace app and then move to another communication application which do not have any restriction placed in their geographical, location so that you can communicate easily with user.

Fix 3: Check Whether You Have Been Removed From Facebook Marketplace

You may have unknowingly violated the guidelines or policies of Facebook and this might have made the company deny your access in Marketplace.

You can solve this issue by appealing to the Facebook support and ask to unblock your account access with providing the support details.

Fix 4: Clear Cache in Facebook Marketplace

You can also try to clear the Cache in your device so that the junk files that has been added in app would be cleared.

To do this you will need to go to settings > Applications > Facebook Marketplace > Clear Cache data.

By doing this you will be able to delete all the cache files of your Facebook Marketplace app and this will make the application run smoothly after closing and then opening it in your device.

Fix 5: Check Your Internet Connection 

You should also check your internet connection if all other solutions are not working as sometimes due to unstable and slow internet connection the app might be using problems.

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Facebook Marketplace needs a steady internet connection for it to work properly and you should check whether you have it.

If you see issue with your internet connection then it might be the root of the problem and you should promptly contact your local service provider to solve the issue. 

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