How to Bypass Discord Email Verification?

Discord is a platform that is known for its versatile function that they offer to the user.

Through the use of such functions such as joining a server and live streaming while chatting, the users can have easy communication with their friends.

Thus, it is a very popular app that has made people attracted to it after its launch.

What is Discord Email verification?

Discord email verification is the process through which Discord sends you an email to provided email address while signing up and would ask you to verify your email id by sending the verification link.

After you create an account on Discord and start using it, Discord will then ask you to verify the email.

This is done so that Discord can understand that you are an actual person and not a bot.

Through email and phone number verification Discord makes sure that the user they are serving isĀ an actual person and not any threat to their communities.

There are many servers/services who requires you to verify your email to join their communities.

This makes crucial for users on Discord to verify their email as they can not join their favourite servers otherwise and remain with limited choice to join the servers.

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How to Bypass Discord Email Verification?

To Bypass Discord Email verification, you can either join servers those do not require an email verification or you can try to use other accounts which are email verified.

You can not fully bypass a Discord Email verification as it is a mandatory requirement for Discord’s security policy.

However email verification in Discord is a necessity and has to be done by everyone as it is a security check for discord to find out robots among their users.

To make sure that all their users are people with real identities Discord verifies their accounts through email.

Thus, you can not fully bypass email verification. However, you can delay the process so that you can do it at a later time.

You can also try to verify your account with phone number in the Discord app.

But Discord says that email verification is a necessity whereas phone verification optional, so you will also have to verify your email even if you have already verified your account with your phone number.

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