Airalo vs Nomad: Everything You Need To Know

Travelling internationally can be an exciting and enriching experience. However, staying connected while abroad can be a challenge, especially if you’re relying on your home carrier for data and roaming.

That’s where eSIM providers like Airalo and Nomad come in.

These providers offer affordable and convenient travel eSIMs that allow you to stay connected while travelling abroad.

But with so many options available, it can be not easy to choose the right provider for your needs.

In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a detailed comparison of Airalo vs Nomad, covering everything from pricing and coverage to features and customer service.

Airalo vs Nomad: A Comparison

1. Countries Availability of Airalo and Nomad

Airalo offers slightly more countries than Nomad, with over 200 countries covered. However, Nomad’s regions are more specific, with packages for Europe, Asia-Pacific, Scandinavia/Nordics, and Oceania.


Countries CoveredPrice per GBUnlimited Data Option
Airalo200+Varies by country, generally less expensive than NomadNo
Nomad180+It varies by region, generally more expensive than AiraloYes

To check country availability

Airalo: Click on the “Countries” to see a country list per plan.

Nomad: look for the word “Availability” to see a country list.

Airalo’s plans tend to be more affordable per GB. Whereas, Nomad provides an Unlimited plan for heavy data users.

When it comes to data plans, both providers offer eSIM plans that allow you to stay connected while travelling without needing to switch out SIM cards. Airalo provides a limited data plan for users.

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For heavy data users, Nomad will be the best option. Meanwhile don’t forget to check your Country availability with Nomad.

2. Price Comparison

When it comes to choosing an eSIM provider for your travels, price is a crucial factor to consider. Here’s a comparison of the prices for Airalo and Nomad eSIM packages:

$10 for 1GB valid for 30 days$15 for 1GB valid for 30 days
$25 for 3GB valid for 30 days$30 for 3GB valid for 30 days
$50 for 8GB valid for 30 days$60 for 8GB valid for 30 days
$70 for 12GB valid for 30 days$90 for 12GB valid for 30 days
$100 for 20GB valid for 30 days$120 for 20GB valid for 30 days

As you can see, Nomad’s packages are generally more expensive than Airalo’s. However, it’s worth noting that Nomad offers more specific regional packages, such as Scandinavia/Nordics and Oceania, while Airalo’s packages are based on broader regions.

Additionally, Nomad offers unlimited data packages for heavy users, which may be a better option for those who require a lot of data during their travels. However, these packages are significantly more expensive than Airalo’s packages.

Overall, it’s important to consider your specific travel needs and budget when choosing between Airalo and Nomad. While Airalo may be a more affordable option for most travellers, Nomad’s more specific regional packages and unlimited data options may be worth the extra cost for some.

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However, the data plan will differ according to country.

You can check the pricing plan for Airalo and Nomad here.

Airalo Price for US

Nomad Price for US

Here is the comparison tabulation

7 Days15 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
If we take the US, Nomad is best for 30 days of travelling whereas Airalo is cheaper for 7 days of travelling.

3. Call Comparison

Airalo offers a voice facility for customers to make and receive phone calls in global eSIM plans, which can be a convenient feature for those who need to stay connected with family, friends, or business contacts.

In Nomad, the voice feature is not available, they are providing a data-only plan for all countries in both local and regional.

Here is the comparison table for the Voice feature.

Local eSIMRegional eSIMGlobal eSIM
Airalo Data-only planData-only planPrice varies for “Data with call and Data without call “(Depending on Plan).
Nomad Data-only plan
Data-only plan Data Only Plan

If you don’t prefer the voice feature, Nomad is the best option since it provides unlimited data in Regional eSIM. However, if you primarily use messaging apps or don’t need to make phone calls while travelling, both Nomad and Airalo’s data-only eSIMs may be a good option for you.

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4. Global Plan Comparison

Nomad offers eSIMs with global data plans that cover over 130 countries, ranging from 1GB for 7 days and 3& 5GB for 30 days.

Airalo also offers eSIMs with global data plans that cover over 135 countries, ranging from 1GB for 7 Days, 2GB for 15 Days, 5GB for 60 Days,10GB for 180 Days and 20GB for 365 Days.

Here is the price comparison,

Airalo Global Plan,

Nomad Global Plan,

Regarding the global feature, Airalo is best for people who want to live in another country for a long time as it provides a separate plan for data with calls and texts for up to 365 days.

5. Global Plan Comparison

Nomad currently offers an unlimited data plan for 6 countries such as Japan, Singapore, South Korea, UK, Thailand and Indonesia ranging from 1 Day to 7 days.

Airalo offers an unlimited data plan for 13 countries such as Japan, Singapore, South Korea, UK, Thailand and Indonesia, Laos, Taiwan, Philippines, Macau, and Vietnam, which is valid for only 12 days.

However, if you don’t need unlimited data and are looking for a cheaper option, Nomad may still be a good choice.

You can check more details about Airalo and Nomad unlimited plans here.

6. SMS Plan Comparison

Nomad currently offers SMS-only plans for 3 countries such as Canada, UK and the US.

Their plans are all SMS-only for 30,60 and 90 days, which means you need to top up data plans separately.

Airalo offers SMS plans including calls and data for their Global eSIMs with different pricing options.

In terms of SMS-only plans, Airalo is the only option between the two. However, if you don’t need SMS messages and are looking for a data-only eSIM, Nomad will win the choice.