How to Fix “Your Ticket Is Not Available To Be Managed” On Ticketmaster

Unable to find your purchased Ticket on Ticketmanager?

If you’ve completed the purchase of a ticket but find that it’s not appearing on your ticket dashboard, and you’re encountering the following message

Your ticket is not available to be managed.

The message is a default notification for users if the ticket tab is empty. If the message appears even after you bought the ticket, then there might be an issue with the account or the payment.

In this blog, let’s see the step-by-step troubleshooting steps on why the ticket is missing and how to fix it.

Why Does The Error “Your Ticket Is Not Available To Be Managed” On Ticketmaster Occur?

The reasons why you might not see your purchased tickets on your Ticketmaster account could be due to:

Delay in Sending the Tickets

Payments made through certain methods, like VIPPS, may not result in immediate ticket availability. It can take up to an hour for the transaction to process.

Tickets on Another Ticketmaster Account

If you use multiple email addresses, the tickets may be associated with a different email account than the one you’re currently checking.

Incorrect Name or Mail ID

Alternatively, the tickets might have been purchased under a family member’s name, and you’ll need to log in with the correct email address to access them.

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Email Address Error

A simple typo in the email address when buying tickets can prevent you from receiving the confirmation and accessing your tickets. If you suspect this, you should contact Ticketmaster to correct the issue.

The Event In Another Country

Suppose the event is hosted outside the jurisdiction of your local Ticketmaster, such as events outside of Norway for Ticketmaster Norway. In that case, you won’t be able to see or manage the tickets through your local account.

How to Fix “Your Ticket Is Not Available To Be Managed” On Ticketmaster

1. Check After Sometime

If you’ve paid for your tickets via VIPPS, it’s important to wait for up to 60 minutes as there can be a delay in the processing of your payment.

During this time, the tickets may not immediately appear in your Ticketmaster account or be sent to your email. Patience is key here; give it some time before taking further action.

2. Check Your Account

Consider all the email addresses you may have used while making the purchase. Log out of the current Ticketmaster account and log back in using alternative email addresses to check for your tickets.

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If you suspect the tickets might have been purchased under a family member’s name, you will need to log in using that particular family member’s email address that was used to buy the tickets.

3. Issue With Your Email While Purchasing

If there’s a possibility that you misspelt your email address when purchasing the tickets, you should reach out to Ticketmaster customer support as soon as possible.

You can do this by filling out the customer service form provided by Ticketmaster.

4. Verify the Country

If you’re dealing with an event that’s taking place outside of your country (for example, outside of Norway for Ticketmaster Norway users), you need to access the Ticketmaster site specific to that country.

Go to the relevant country’s Ticketmaster website and log in with your account details.

5. Verify The Payment Details

If you’ve paid for tickets on Ticketmaster with a card and cannot see the tickets in your account, then it may not be transferred successfully.

  • Look for the payment to Ticketmaster and check if it is listed as “debited.” If the transaction is debited, it means the payment has been fully processed.
  • If the transaction is marked as “reserved,” payment has not been fully processed and the tickets may not be issued until the transaction moves from “reserved” to “debited.”
  • If the reserved transaction remains unlinked to any tickets, the reserved funds may be automatically reimbursed to your account. This process can take a few days depending on your bank’s policies.
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6. Contact Customer Support

After following these solutions, if you still face issues accessing your tickets, the next step is to directly contact Ticketmaster’s customer support.

Be sure to have all your transaction details on hand when you get in touch with them to expedite the process.

They will be able to provide further assistance and ensure you receive your tickets.