A Detailed Guide on Visible Wireless Unlock Policy

Are you also wondering about what exactly the Visible Wireless unlock policy is?

If your answer to that question was yes, you are not alone!

Visible Wireless is an American mobile virtual network operator by Verizon that offers unlimited text, talk, data, and hotspots, on Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G NR Networks.

The network operator is incredibly popular amongst its users as it offers a more affordable alternative to Verizon.

With its growing popularity, many are now wondering about various things regarding Visible Wireless, such as its unlock policy.

If you are one of these people, read on to find out more about this!

This article will take you through a step-by-step process to unlock your Visible phone. (image source: Visible)

What is the Visible Wireless Unlock Policy?

Visible’s Unlocking Policy is designed with user convenience and security in mind.

When you purchase a smartphone from Visible, it remains locked to their network for 60 days from the activation date.

This lock ensures that the device is used exclusively with Visible and protects against unauthorized usage. After the 60-day period, the phone is automatically unlocked, allowing you to use it with other carriers.

Exceptions exist if Visible finds that the device was lost, stolen, or purchased fraudulently; in these cases, the phone will stay locked.

Special provisions are also in place for military personnel, offering flexibility for unlocking and suspending service if relocation orders outside of Visible’s coverage area are received.

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Prerequisites to Unlock Visible Phone

While unlocking your Visible mobile device is an easy and often automatic process, there are still a few things you should keep in mind before you switch your phone over to a different network carrier.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you get your Visible mobile device unlocked:

1. Your Visible Mobile Device is Activated

You must ensure that your Visible phone has been activated and used for a minimum of 60 days after activation.

This is so that your Visible phone can eventually become eligible for unlocking properly as and when the time comes.

You cannot unlock your Visible mobile device unless it has been properly activated.

As such, if you try to unlock your Visible phone without activating it, there may be problems with using the phone properly itself.

2. Your Visible Mobile Device is Compatible with Other Network Carriers

It is important to ensure that your mobile device is eligible and compatible with other network carriers and their SIM cards.

This is because different network carriers use different technologies for their own networks, which may have specific requirements.

As such, if your mobile phone does not have those specific requirements, it may greatly impact the functioning and performance of the network carrier on your phone.

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You can often check your device’s compatibility by simply visiting the new network carrier’s website.

3. You Have Relevant Information Ready for the Switch

Important information such as your account number, owner name, social security number, and IMEI may be required when unlocking your Visible phone and switching it over to a different network.

As such, you must ensure that these details are all ready in advance so that you can seamlessly make the switch from one network to the other with as little hassle as possible.

You may be asked this information when you switch over to a new network carrier for your Visible mobile device.

However, such required information may also vary depending on the network carrier.

As such, make sure you are aware of these requirements and have them ready beforehand.

How to Unlock Visible Phone?

Unlocking your Visible phone is very easy.

However, you must make sure that you have satisfied the requirements to unlock it:

  • Your Visible phone was activated a minimum of 60 days prior to unlocking.
  • Your Visible phone was not bought fraudulently or was not previously lost or stolen

You can follow the steps below to unlock your Visible mobile device, however, note that depending on the network carrier you are switching to, there might be some differences in procedure.

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Step 1: Wait 60 days after activation

This is applicable to you only if you have very recently activated your Visible mobile device.

The Visible mobile device needs to be activated for at least 60 days to be eligible for unlocking.

This is because the software pre-installed into the mobile device automatically unlocks the phone once the 60 days are over.

Step 2: Switch SIM Cards

Once your mobile device has been unlocked, turn it off and remove your current Visible SIM card from its SIM tray.

Insert your new network carrier’s SIM card into the tray and put it back into the mobile device.

Turn on your mobile device as usual and activate your new network carrier.

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