Why Are Verified Resale Tickets More Expensive On Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, StubHub

When browsing for tickets to concerts, sports events, or theatre shows on platforms like Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, and StubHub, you might notice that verified resale tickets often come with a higher price tag compared to their original face value.

This price increase can be attributed to several factors, which are important for consumers to understand when making their purchasing decisions.

In this blog, you will understand what drives “Verified Resale Tickets More Expensive On Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, StubHub” and how to make informed decisions when purchasing your next event pass. 

The Basics of Verified Resale Tickets on Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, StubHub

1. Supply and Demand

When an event is popular and tickets are in short supply, the market value of these tickets increases.

Resellers take advantage of this by setting higher prices, especially if the event is sold out or close to selling out.

2. Dynamic Pricing

Some resale platforms employ dynamic pricing strategies, where ticket prices fluctuate based on real-time market conditions.

Prices can soar as the event date approaches, particularly for high-demand events where buyers may be willing to pay a premium.

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3. Seller Fees

Resale platforms typically charge sellers a fee for using their service, which can range from 10% to 20% of the ticket price.

To maintain their profit margin, sellers often pass these fees onto the buyer by including them in the resale price.

4. Buyer Fees

In addition to seller fees, buyers may also be charged a service fee by the platform. These fees contribute to the overall cost of the ticket, making it more expensive than the original price.

5. Convenience and Security

Buying verified resale tickets offers convenience and a sense of security, as platforms guarantee the authenticity of the tickets. This peace of mind is a service that adds value to the ticket, and thus, can be reflected in a higher price.

6. Market Trends

Ticket prices on the resale market can be influenced by trends and behaviors of both buyers and sellers. For instance, if multiple sellers are trying to offload tickets for a particular event, they may compete with each other by lowering prices. Conversely, if sellers perceive a high demand, they may increase their prices accordingly.

7. Seating Preferences

Resale tickets might be for seats that are in high demand due to their location in the venue, such as front-row seats or seats with an unobstructed view. These desirable seats can command higher prices on the resale market.

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Which One Platform Is Best For Ticket Resale

Each platform has its unique advantages and disadvantages. When choosing where to resell tickets, consider factors like the specific event, fees, and where you’re likely to reach your target buyers.

IntegrationDirect integration with event venues.Aggregates listings from various platforms.Dedicated resale platform with a wide reach.
Customer BaseLarge customer base as the primary seller for many events.Benefits from cross-listings and a user-friendly interface.Large audience specifically looking for resale tickets.
Seller FeesPotentially high fees, which may reduce profit margins.Significant fees can reduce take-home earnings.Seller fees impact earnings, but dynamic pricing can increase profit potential.
Pricing ControlPrices can be controlled, possibly limiting earnings.Deal Score feature helps buyers see ticket value, potentially aiding sales.Dynamic pricing allows for real-time price adjustments based on demand.
ConfidenceVerified resale system instills confidence in buyers and sellers.SeatGeek’s interface and aggregate system can make listings appear more trustworthy.FanProtect guarantee provides buyer confidence, which can help with sales.
CompetitionControlled prices may reduce competition.May face competition due to cross-listings from other platforms.High competition with many similar listings.

Over All:

  • Ticketmaster is integrated with many venues and events, which can make it easier to sell tickets for those specific events.
  • SeatGeek’s user-friendly interface and Deal Score system can help your tickets stand out.
  • StubHub, being a dedicated resale platform, often has a large audience looking specifically for resale tickets.