How To Set Apple Vision Pro Language And Region Temperature Setting To Celsius

The Apple Vision Pro is one such device that promises to enhance the user experience with its advanced features and capabilities.

However, as with any innovative technology, users may encounter limitations that require creative solutions.

One such limitation is the device’s temperature display settings.

In this article, we will explore whether the Apple Vision Pro supports Celsius temperature settings and provide practical workarounds for users who prefer this temperature scale.

Does Vision Pro Support Celsius Temperature?

The Apple Vision Pro currently does not support Celsius temperature settings.

Users have noted that there is no option to change temperature units within the device’s settings, indicating that the feature is not available.

This limitation is present even though the device is only available in the USA, where Fahrenheit is commonly used.

Users who prefer or are accustomed to Celsius will find that the Vision Pro does not cater to this preference in its current state.

How To Set Apple Vision Pro Language And Region Temperature Setting To Celsius?

While the Apple Vision Pro does not have a native option to display temperatures in Celsius within its system settings or a dedicated Apple weather application, users can utilize a workaround to obtain temperature information in Celsius:

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Method 1. Use Siri for Temperature in Celsius

Activate Siri by pressing the Siri button or using the voice command if enabled.

Ask Siri directly for the current temperature in Celsius by saying, “What is the current temperature in Celsius?” or “Convert the temperature to Celsius.”

Method 2. Third-Party Weather Applications

Install a third-party weather application that is compatible with the Apple Vision Pro.

Open the weather application and look for a settings or preferences section within the app.

Adjust the temperature unit setting within the app to display temperatures in Celsius.

These workarounds allow users to access temperature information in Celsius on their Apple Vision Pro, despite the lack of a system-wide setting for temperature units.