Red Pocket Unlock Policy

If you’re a Red Pocket Mobile customer, you may be wondering about the Red Pocket Unlock Policy.

Unlocking your device can be helpful if you want to switch carriers or use your phone while travelling internationally.

Fortunately, Red Pocket Mobile does offer an unlock policy, which allows you to use your device with other carriers.

Red Pocket Unlock Policy: Eligibility Criteria

If you are a Red Pocket Mobile customer wondering whether your device is eligible for unlocking, there are a few Red Pocket Unlock Policy criteria you must meet.

Here are the eligibility requirements:

  • To be eligible for unlocking, your device must be active for at least 12 months. However, there is an exception for some devices that qualify for the six-month unlock policy.
  • Your device must not be reported as lost, stolen, or involved in fraud.
  • Your account must be in good standing. You must have paid all outstanding bills, and your account must not be suspended or cancelled.
  • Any device devices bought at full retail price via the Red pocket “Buy Unlocked” option without any subsidies are instantly eligible for unlocking without any waiting period.
  • Financing is available for brand-new iPhones, with financing options powered by SmartPay.

Red Pocket Unlock Policy Exceptions: iPhones

If you have an iPhone, the unlock policy depends on when you purchased it and the model.

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1. iPhone 12 Pre-order Policy 

According to RedPocket, iPhones from the 12 series purchased before November 20, 2020, need six months of active service to get unlocked.

All other models require twelve months of active service to get unlocked.

2. 3/18/2021 iPhone Offer

iPhones purchased on 3/18/2021 after 11 AM can be unlocked only after six (6) months of active service except the iPhones bought via the “Unlocked” option at full price.

3. 11/23/2020 Sale Lock Policy

iPhones bought from November 23, 2020, to December 8, 2020, can be unlocked without any waiting period.

4. 3/10/2022 to 9/14/2022 iPhone Purchases

No matter, whether the iPhones are bought at full price or in instalments without any bundled service plan during the above-mentioned period will come under a 12-month lock policy.

5. Purchasing Unlocked Phones

If you prefer to purchase an unlocked phone, you can do so directly from RedPocket. Visit RedPocket’s website to check if your phone is compatible with their service. You can also bring your own unlocked phone to use with RedPocket’s service.

What is the Red Pocket Unlock Process?

If you want to unlock your Red Pocket Mobile device, you need to follow a few steps. Here is a breakdown of the process:

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1. Request Submission

To initiate an unlock request, you need to reach out to Red Pocket Mobile customer service at

contact red pocket customer support to unlock your phone

They will verify your eligibility for unlocking and provide you with instructions on how to submit your request.

2. Verification Process

Once you submit your request, Red Pocket Mobile will verify your eligibility for unlocking.

They will check if your device meets the criteria for unlocking and if there are any exceptions that apply to your device.

If your device qualifies for unlocking, Red Pocket Mobile will proceed with the unlock process.

3. Unlock Code Delivery

After your device is verified for unlocking, Red Pocket Mobile will provide you with an unlock code.

You will need to enter this code into your device to unlock it.

The unlock code delivery process may vary depending on your device and the carrier you are using.