Is Kroll Monitoring Legit, Safe, or A Scam? The Comprehensive Guide

Kroll Monitoring is a service that monitors for indicators of potential fraud or identity theft. 

It is provided by Kroll, a corporate investigation and risk consulting firm. 

Kroll Monitoring notifies affected individuals by email of any activity related to their personal information, such as changes to their credit reports, social security numbers, or financial accounts. 

Kroll also provides identity theft restoration and consultation services to help individuals recover from fraud and identity theft.

As many people search on the internet Is Kroll Monitoring Legit or Safe or A Scam?

In this guide we will discuss Is Kroll Monitoring services are Legit or Safe or A Scam.

How Does Kroll Monitoring Work?

Kroll Monitoring is a service that provides identity monitoring services to detect more types of identity theft than credit monitoring alone, providing practical help to combat identity theft and fraud. 

Kroll’s unique combination of identity monitoring services can detect more types of identity theft than credit monitoring alone, providing practical help to combat identity theft and fraud. 

Kroll offers credit and identity monitoring services that will notify the customer if a certain activity is reported, including inquiries, new trade-lines, derogatory notices, public records, and changes of address, or if personal information is found on the dark web—those most commonly associated with a suspicious activity that may indicate the presence of identity theft.

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The primary function of Kroll Monitoring is to monitor and detect any suspicious activities related to your identity. 

This involves tracking your personal information, such as Social Security numbers, credit card details, and email addresses, to ensure they are not being misused or exposed. 

Kroll Monitoring offers several features that set it apart from other fraud management solutions, including the ability to detect complex fraud schemes and investigations, access to global law enforcement resources, and real-time reporting.

Some of the features of Kroll Monitoring include:

1. Multi-Layered Identity Protection

Kroll Monitoring offers a robust suite of identity monitoring services that go beyond mere credit monitoring.

The company employs a unique combination of tools to detect a wide range of identity theft types, offering practical solutions to combat both identity theft and fraud.

2. Real-Time Alerts

One of the standout features of Kroll Monitoring is its real-time monitoring capabilities.

The service continuously scans various data sources to identify potential threats as they happen.

Affected individuals are instantly notified via email, allowing them to take immediate action.

3. Dark Web Surveillance

In today’s digital age, the dark web is a hotbed for illegal activities, including the trading of personal information.

Kroll Monitoring’s dark web monitoring feature scans these hidden corners of the internet to ensure your data isn’t being sold or traded illegally.

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4. Financial Security Measures

Kroll Monitoring also offers financial account takeover monitoring, which keeps an eye on your financial accounts for any unauthorized access or changes.

This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your financial assets.

Is Kroll Monitoring Legit, Safe, or A Scam?

Kroll Monitoring is a legitimate and safe credit monitoring service, not a scam.

However, double-check to ensure any communication is from Kroll and not a scammer posing as Kroll.

It is a major player in the world of corporate security (not just identity, not just cyber … all-things-security).

Kroll Monitoring has been in operation since the early 1970s and has a proven track record of delivering high-quality services

Kroll Monitoring has also taken proactive steps to support its users, such as offering 12 months of complimentary services following a data breach in PBI services.

The company monitors credit reports from major credit bureaus and offers financial insurance to clients who face identity theft, providing them with a certain amount of financial compensation.

Customer reviews also support the quality of their services. However, as with any company, it’s important to verify any communication claiming to be from Kroll to avoid potential scams.

Therefore, you can use Kroll Monitoring’s services with confidence while exercising due diligence.

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According to SimilarWeb, the total visits on its website is more than 1 lakh and its domain was registered in January 2021. So, you can be assured that Kroll Monitoring is a safe and legitimate service. However, it is quite expensive and you may have to pay $320 or more for taking their subscription.