Instagram Unsend Message Not Working: Reasons and Fix

Have you mistakenly sent a message to someone? Maybe it wasn’t the message that you were supposed to send them.

In that case, there is no need to feel frustrated anymore as you can easily unsend messages on Instagram.

Simply long-press the message you want to Unsend and select the Unsend option. However what to do when this is not working?

Maybe you have already tried to unsend it but the message just won’t disappear. There is no need to worry as we have solutions for you that can help you to solve this issue on Instagram.

Read our article below to get to know exactly how you can fix the issue of messages not getting unsend on Instagram and what are the reasons behind it.

Why Can’t I Unsend Messages on Instagram?

You can’t unsend messages on Instagram becasue either it could be due to technical glitches with Instagram, a bug in your app, incorrect unsend procedures, or a time limit on unsending messages.

Instagram Unsend Message Not Working

There could be various reasons for Instagram’s unsend messages feature not functioning correctly.

One possibility is that Instagram is experiencing some technical glitches preventing you from unsending your message.

Alternatively, there could be a bug in the Instagram app installed on your mobile device that’s causing this issue.

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Another possibility is user error; you may not have followed the correct procedure to unsend the message, resulting in it still appearing in the chat.

Finally, there could be a time limitation issue. If too much time has passed since you sent the message, it may no longer be possible to unsend it.

Remember no matter even if you unsend the message the recipient might have already seen the message.

If they haven’t seen the message and you were able to delete it before that then that’s good but in case they have already seen it then even though you unsend and remove the message from the chat they will always remember what you send them.

How To Fix Instagram Unsend Message Not Working?

If you’re unable to unsend a message on Instagram, consider refreshing the chat or attempting to unsend the message again. If the issue still persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app to resolve the issue.


Below, we have discussed these fixes and more in detail:

1. Check the Time Frame

First off, take note of the time. Some users suggest there’s a time limit for unsending a message on Instagram, though the exact duration is not officially confirmed by Instagram.

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Opinions vary among users – some say the window is as short as 10 minutes after sending, while others claim it extends up to 24 hours.

Regardless, it’s best to act quickly. Try to unsend your message as soon as you realize the mistake.

If several hours have passed and you’re still unable to unsend, it’s likely you’ve exceeded whatever time limit does exist.

2. Refresh The Chat

After you unsend the message the message should not be shown in the chat anymore.

However, if you are still seeing the message in the chat then you will have to refresh the chat by asking Instagram and then opening it again.

You can also sign out of your account on Instagram and then sign back in again and then open the chat to see whether you are still seeing the message there.

3. Unsend it Again

If you are still seeing the message then you might have to unsend it again. Long press and hold the message and then select Unsend.

Now, the message should not be there in the chat anymore. 

4. Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram

As an alternate solution, you can uninstall Instagram from your phone and then reinstall it again by going to the App Store or PlayStore.

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If there is a bug in the app which is making it impossible for you to unsend the message then doing this would help you to solve it.

5. Wait For Sometime

If nothing works then there might be a technical glitch in the system of Instagram due to which you are unable to unsend a message in chat.

You should wait for some time till the technical team fixes the issue in that case and then try to unsend it again.

You can also contact the Support Team of Instagram and ask them regarding g this issue if you don’t want to wait blindly and want some information on the status of the issue.

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