How To Fix “Unfortunately We Are Unable To Approve Your Order” On Afterpay

Facing the error message “Unfortunately we are unable to approve your order” while using Afterpay can be a frustrating experience, especially when you’re eager to complete a purchase.

In this article, we will look into the potential reasons behind receiving the “Unfortunately we are unable to approve your order” message on Afterpay.

How to Fix “Unfortunately we are unable to approve your order” on Afterpay?

To resolve the issue, you should make sure that you have sufficient funds, make sure that you verify your account, and if you are a new user try making a smaller purchase first.

Down below, we have discussed the solution in step-by-step detail.

1. Make sure your payment method is valid and has enough funds

The most common reason for an order being declined is an invalid or expired payment method on file without sufficient funds.

Afterpay will attempt to take a $1 authorization from your linked debit/credit card when an order is placed.

Check that your card details like expiration date are up to date in your Afterpay account and that the card has enough funds available to cover the order amount plus a $1 authorization.

If your card is expired or over its limit, Afterpay won’t be able to verify the payment.

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2. Try using a different payment method or card

If the card on file was declined, try removing it from your Afterpay account and linking a new debit or credit card.

Alternatively, you can pay with PayPal linked to your bank account instead of directly with a card.

A different payment source may approve where the first one didn’t.

3. Verify your Afterpay account

Afterpay may need more information to verify your identity before approving orders.

Log into your account and check if any verification steps like providing ID documents are pending.

Fully complete any outstanding verification. An unverified account is more likely to have orders declined.

4. Try placing the order through a different device or browser

Technical issues can sometimes cause orders to fail through one particular browser or device.

Try accessing the retailer’s website and placing the order using a different computer, phone, or web browser than you normally use with your Afterpay account.

This may help isolate if it’s an account issue or related to the specific device.

5. try making a smaller purchase first

For new Afterpay accounts, the system may initially limit larger purchases until some smaller on-time repayments are made.

If your account was just opened, try making a purchase for a lower amount to help establish repayment history before attempting a larger order.

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6. Contact Afterpay Support

If the error persists after checking the above points, contact Afterpay support with your order details.

Their team can take a closer look at your account and help determine the specific reason for the declined order.

They may also be able to manually override it in some cases.