Does T-Mobile Allow Cracked Screen Trade-In: Step-By-Step Guide

If you’re looking to upgrade your phone, you may be wondering if T-Mobile allows trade-ins with a cracked screen.

The answer is yes, but the value of your trade-in may be lower than if your phone was in perfect condition.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of trading in a phone with a cracked screen at T-Mobile.

Step 1: Check Your Phone’s Trade-In Value

Before you trade in your phone, it’s important to check its trade-in value. You can do this by visiting T-Mobile’s trade-in website and entering your phone’s make and model.

You will also have to choose a device that you want to trade in your current device for from the T-Mobile platform.

The website will provide an estimate of your phone’s trade-in value based on its condition.

check your phone's trade in value before you trade in in T-Mobile

Step 2: Prepare Your Phone for Trade-In

Once you’ve checked your phone’s trade-in value, you’ll need to prepare it for trade-in.

This involves removing any personal data from the phone, resetting it to factory settings, and removing any accessories such as cases or screen protectors.

Also, make sure to back up your phone data before you send your device for trade. After you trade in your data will be wiped from your phone. So if you have important files or documents in your device you need to use any cloud system to back up the data or you can transfer your data to another storage device before you send your phone to T-Mobile.

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Step 3: Inspect Your Phone for Damage

Before trading in your phone, you’ll need to inspect it for damage, including a cracked screen.

T-Mobile’s trade-in program allows for phones with cracked screens to be traded in, but the value of the phone may be reduced.

If your phone has other damage, such as water damage or a broken camera, it may not be eligible for trade-in.

Step 4: Locate and Print Your Label

To locate and print your trade-in return shipping label from T-Mobile, follow these technical steps:

Trade In Your Phone with T-Mobile

If you’re not logged in to your T-Mobile account:

Step 1: Check Your Order Status

Go to the T-Mobile website and click on the “Check Order Status” button. Enter your order number, billing ZIP Code, and last name to access your order status.

Step 2: Get Your Trade-in Return Shipping Label

Once you’ve accessed your order status, you can get your trade-in return shipping label. Follow the instructions provided to print the label.

If you’re logged in to your T-Mobile account:

Step 1: Go to the Account Order Status Page

Log in to your T-Mobile account and go to the Account Order Status page.

Step 2: Select the Trade-in Line

Select the trade-in line that you want to review. From there, you can review your trade-in accepted value and print the trade-in return shipping label(s).

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Step 3: Print the Shipping Label

Choose the “Print shipping label” option to print the label. Remember that each trade-in device requires its own box and return shipping label.

Step 4: Review the Return Shipping Label Instructions

After printing the label, review the return shipping label instructions to see what you need to include in the box.

Step 5: Keep the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number And Tracking Number

Keep for your records the return merchandise authorization (RMA) number, tracking number, and trade-in details.

Step 5: Receive Your Trade-In Value

After trading in your phone, you’ll receive your trade-in value in the form of a credit to your T-Mobile account or a prepaid card.

The value of your trade-in may be reduced if your phone has a cracked screen or other damage.

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