How To Turn Off About This Account On Instagram

Are you not interested at all regarding the new update on Instagram where your account details are public and others can see them?

You might be wanting to change this setting so that you can hide these details. We understand it is completely natural to want to hide your own private details from the prying eyes on Instagram.

However, you might be having difficulty trying to find a way to remove this option from your account. But this can be confusing as there isn’t much information about this. But have no worries as we have discussed this topic in detail below. So, go ahead and start reading to know more!

About this account feature in Instagram

How To Turn Off About This Account on Instagram?

It is simply not possible to turn off the feature of “About this Account” in Instagram as it is there as a security measure for Instagram users so that they can see details about another account and make their own judgement.

You can’t hide it or turn it off, That option exists exactly to show information about your account to your followers. So that they can decide whether your account is authentic or not.

But after the new update now you can choose to show or hide Country, and former user names. However, you can not hide the date you joined Instagram.

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To hide your account details please follow the steps below.

  • Open Instagram and log in to your account.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose Account.
  • Go to About your account and click on the country.
  • Now turn it off or on.
About this account

If you turn it off then it won’t hide About this account option however it will hide your origin country. Instagram will show Not shared, instead of your country name.

You can also Private your account if you don’t want to share any information about your account unless they are your followers.

When you have made your account Private your account information will not be public. This means your account details will only get shown to your followers.

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