Straight Talk Reward Spin The Wheel

Do you know about the Straight Talk reward Spin the Wheel? Is it available now? What are the prizes? How can you play the Spin the Wheel game? How much points you can earn?

You will learn all about the game on the Straight Talk network in this article. Read till the end for all the details.

Straight Talk offers mobile services to all customers. Their mobile plans include voice minutes, texts, voicemail, mobile data, and hotspot services. Straight Talk is known for its affordability and no-contract services. 

Straight Talk Spin The Wheel is exclusively for their customers. You have to spin the wheel and earn reward points. You can use it to avail the prizes.

It is available in August 2023. It starts on the first day of August and ends on the thirty of August.

Who can Play The Spin The Wheel Reward On Straight Talk?

All the Straight Talk members of the reward program are eligible. You should be eighteen years or above eighteen years old. You should be a citizen of the United States.

You can play the Spin the Wheel rewards by activating a Straight Talk membership. You will earn 200 points for becoming a member of the network.

You should be eighteen or above eighteen years old. You should be a legal resident of the listed fifty United States and district in Columbia. 

If you are an employee or performing services for Tracfone Wireless or a family member of such individuals, you are not eligible for the rewards. 

How To Play The Straight Talk Reward Spin The Wheel?

You can start Spinning the Wheel once you become a Straight Talk’s Reward program member. Visit the Straight Talk Spin the Wheel website, spin the wheel, and earn the reward points.

You can spin the wheel only one time a day. You will get a chance to earn reward points by spinning the Wheel. Your reward points get added to your account automatically. You can not transfer or convert it into money.

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Steps To Play The Straight Talk Spin The Wheel Game On Your Browser:

Step 1: Become a Straight Talk Reward Program Member. If you are eligible for the program, you can become a member. Visit the reward page on the Straight Talk reward website and select ‘Join US’ to become a reward program member. You need your mobile number or email ID to create an account. Then, confirm you are not a robot by clicking the box next to it.

Or Visit the Straight Talk My Reward page in your browser. Enter your email ID/ Mobile number/ SIM number and select verify ‘I’m not a robot’ box. 

Step 2: Spin The Wheel. Visit the to play the game. You can start spinning the Wheel of the Reward program. You can earn from 1 point to 4500 points. You can also get a Magazine subscription. You might get ‘try again tomorrow” in the game.  The points you get added to your account automatically. You can only able to spin one time per day.

Step 3: Avail The Prize. You should complete the game to get the Straight Talk Reward program’s prize. You can use the reward points to purchase the Straight Talk mobile plan. You have a chance to get one month of free mobile service.

Step 4: Receive The Physical Prizes. If you are one of the winners of any physical prizes, you will receive the physical reward in the U.S. mail or other courier services. The winner should send them a self-addressed stamp envelope. The address to send the envelope is TracFone Wireless, Inc., 9700 N.W. 112th Avenue, Miami, FL 33178.

You can get the prize immediately by sending the envelope. Or you can get it within 30 days. If you don’t get the reward in 30 days, you are not eligible for it after the period.

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You can choose a mobile plan on the Straight Talk with the reward points on your account. You can earn reward points by spinning the wheel once a day. Your points will accumulate on your account.

The Straight Talk Reward Program team will notify the winners separately. The list of winners might also released on the web page. 

Spin The Wheel game begins at 12:01 EDT on 09/01/2023 and ends at 12:59:29 on 01/30/2023 EDT. 

The sponsor of the game Spin the Wheel is Tracfone Wireless. They will be distributing the physical rewards for the winners.

The software randomly selects the prizes and rewards for players. You should agree to all the terms and conditions while signing up for the Straight Talk reward program.

What Awards Are In The Wheel Of The Program?

The Spin the Wheel has reward points ranging from 1 to 4500 points. It also has a magazine subscription and try again tomorrow option. The software chooses a reward for you. You have to spin the wheel and hope for luck.

The rewards on the Spin The Wheel:

  • 1 point
  • 10 points
  • 25 points
  • 50 points
  • 100 points
  • 1000 points
  • 2000 points
  • 4500 points
  • Free App
  • Premium Offer
  • Spin Again

Sometimes, a few members get a ” Try again tomorrow” message. You can get any one of the options based on your luck.

You can not convert the reward points to money. It is not transferable to another Straight Talk reward program account. 

You can only use the reward points to avail of equivalent mobile service on the Straight Talk website. 

You can choose a mobile plan or add-on with the reward points earned in the game. Choose an equivalent mobile service for the rewards point in your account. 

You can get 10 dollar global calling card for 1000 points, a 1 GB data add-on worth $5 for the same 1000  points, a 2 GB data add-on worth $10 for 2000 reward points, or a $45 mobile service plan for 45000 reward points.

You have an opportunity to win a free monthly service worth $45 by spinning the wheel. You can avail of exciting offers on the game by playing it daily.

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Straight Talk is not responsible for error, loss, claim, damage, injury, or action that directly or indirectly happens to you by other participants. Keep your information and network protected.

Have a stable internet connection while playing the game to avoid internet issues. If you are facing internet problems, fix them before playing the game. Try resolving the Straight Talk Internet not working issue. You can read our article to fix the problem.

How To Redeem Your Reward On The Straight Talk?

You can redeem your award by logging in to your account on the Straight Talk. You can choose a mobile plan equivalent to the points you earn. Select Redeem after choosing the mobile service. 

To redeem the reward points, log in to your Straight Talk Reward Program account on their website or app. Choose a mobile service suitable for your total reward points. 

You can play the Straight Talk reward Spin the Wheel a day and win exciting offers on the website.

You can choose a mobile plan or add-on services based on your reward points and needs. Then, select the ‘Redeem Now’ or ’ Redeem’ option to enjoy the mobile service.