How to Fix MetaMask Polygon not Working

The Polygon is a cryptocurrency like Ethereum and The symbol of this one is MATIC. It is also a network that allows users to trade among different blockchains, dApps, and other platforms.

You can change and use different networks like Ethereum and Polygon on MetaMask for your transactions. 

There are different networks in the MetaMask app that has different features and tokens. People use their preferred network according to their suitability and convenience.

You can juggle and switch between the network and initiate transactions whenever you want to. However, switching networks sometimes lead to issues and MetaMask Polygon Not Working is one of them. 

What Does MetaMask Polygon Not Working Mean?

The MetaMask Polygon not working issue means that you will not be able to access the MetaMask at all under the Polygon network.

Other things like transactions cannot be initiated or die out a few seconds after starting. This issue is sometimes faced by the people connecting the Polygon network on MetaMask. 

Why MetaMask Polygon Not Working Error is Seen?

MetaMask polygon not working may occur because MetaMask does not have Polygon as its default network. The default network in MetaMask is Ethereum Mainnet.

Therefore, ensure that you have set Polygon as the default network before making any transaction.

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The other reasons for this error might include overload on the Polygon network that might have caused your transactions to die out or not take place. 

How to Fix “MetaMask Polygon Not Working” Error?

Methods to Fix MetaMask Polygon Not Working Error:

Method 1: Via RPC URL Method 

Step 1: Log In To MetaMask

Open up your MetaMask on your browser by typing or using the MetaMask extension on your browser. Log in by using your credentials. 

Step 2: Go To Settings 

After logging in, hover over your profile icon. Here, you will see the settings option.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Add Network

When done, from all the options under the settings option, you will have to click on the Add network option. It will redirect you to another page.

Step 4: Add Network Settings

You will now have to add the network details as follows:

  • RPC URL:
  • Network Name: Polygon
  • Chain ID: 137
  • Currency Symbol: MATIC

Step 5: Save The Settings

When done, you will have to save all the changes you have done. You can now switch networks from Ethereum to Polygon and check if it works for you. 

Method 2: Switch The Current Browser

If you are facing some trouble in your Polygon method, you can try switching on to some other browser extension. You can do this following the given steps:

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Step 1: Close the browser you were currently using for MetaMask. 

Step 2: Open some other browser other than the previous one. For example, if you were earlier using Google for MetaMask, now open Opera or Firefox.

Step 3: In this browser, add an extension of MetaMask by clicking add extension in your browser. 

Step 4: After this, try out some transactions in the Polygon network. 

If this works, there might be some technical glitch in your previous browser. 


Some people were facing this issue regarding the Polygon Mainnet of MetaMask. The reasons for the same could be some technical glitch on Polygon’s network or on your browser’s part.

You need to set the Polygon network on MetaMask as it does not provide Polygon as the default network.

If you still have some queries, you can check the website of MetaMask or contact their customer service to know your account status.

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