How to Fix Binance Verification Pending Issue

Since 20 August 2021, it has been required for the new users that they should verify their Binance accounts. Verification is necessary if you want to use trades, products, and services of Binance.

To keep track of the crypto transactions of customers of different exchanges and to prevent illegal money transfers, governments need the Verification of customers by the exchanges.

There are many advantages of a verified Binance account, such as increased withdrawal limits and deposit limits for certain fiat channels, increased withdrawal limit of up to a hundred BTC tokens per day, etc.

If your Binance account is verified, then you will be able to trade fiat currencies; otherwise, you will have to face certain restrictions.

Although the verification process of Binance is very simple, the question of how long it will take cannot be answered with a common answer.

Why Binance Verification is showing Pending?

If your Binance Verification is pending, then you cannot get access to higher trading limits. 

To comply with the global financial regulations and to enhance the safety and security measures, it is required to make sure that your Binance Verification is not Pending.

Binance provides you a 15 minute-time interval to complete all the steps that are needed to accomplish the Binance Identity verification, including the submission of documents and photos.

But in case your Binance verification lags, or you can’t complete it in 15 minutes, then you can attempt it again as Binance exchange provides you with ten attempts every 24 hours for verifying your identity.

Binance Verification Taking Forever

After you have finished all the levels for identity verification on the Binance network, then it may take up to thirty-six hrs or even more than that for the Verification to get done.

If the peak period is going on or in some other rare cases, it may take a few business days to get the process for identity verification completed.

Generally, the identity verification activity gets performed in an hour. Once your Binance account is verified, you will receive an email confirming the Verification. 

If any problem is encountered with the documents you have submitted, then you will be asked to provide the documents again as your application for Verification will get reset.

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If your Binance Verification is taking forever, then go to the Basic Info page in the settings of your account and then try to check the status of your Verification. If it is pending for a long time, then you can file a support ticket to get help from Binance.

Binance advises submitting only one support ticket. This is because if you submit multiple tickets for support, then the verification process could get delayed instead of speeding up.

After submitting the support ticket to Binance, you have to be patient and wait till your application gets reviewed.

Binance Verification Deadline

To enhance the security of accounts for Binance users and to comply with the regulations of the different countries, Binance asks all its users to complete the identity verification process.

This is why users are asked, from time to time, to re-verify their Binance accounts. Binance has said that for performing the new Verification, they will inform the users in batches.

Only after receiving the notification email from Binance will users be allowed to perform the new verification process according to the instructions provided in the email.

Moreover, users have to complete the new verification process within the provided Verification deadline from Binance provided in the received email.

Your Binance account will get restricted to “Withdrawal only” if you fail to complete the new Identity Verification process of Binance within the provided deadline.

“How To Bypass Binance Verification.”

You can bypass Binance Verification by generating a sub-account on a different platform such as Cryptorobotics.

With the help of Binance sub-account, users can earn profits from trades without even completing the Binance Verification. Binance sub-account comes for free and provides the users an unrestricted access to the various Binance exchange’s trading tools.

Cryptorobotics lets the user get access to the sub-account. Therefore, before getting started to make a Binance sub-account, you are required to register yourself on Cryptorobotics. Having done this you can follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Go to your Cryptorobotics account

First of all, you need to sign in to your created account on Cryptorobotics.

Step 2: Now, select Account>Binance Sub-accounts

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After this, go to Account and then choose Binance Sub-accounts.

Step 3: Choose “+ Binance Sub-account”

After clicking “+ Binance Sub-account”, you will get API keys for the Binance crypto exchange.

“Binance Verification Levels”

Binance has three levels of Verification. These include basic level, intermediate level, and advanced level. If you submit all the required documents for the different verification levels, then the process should get completed in less than an hour.

After this, you will be required to wait for the processing of the Verification. With the completion of each verification tier, you will receive broadened limits of transactions.

Basic Info

Provide your name, address, and birth date to complete this verification level.

Verification Of Identity And Face

Provide a valid photo ID copy and take a selfie to complete this verification level. You can either use a PC/MAC with a webcam or a smartphone with the Binance app installed on it to complete the face verification.

Once you complete this verification level, you can enjoy a transaction limit of € 5,000 per day on Binance.

Address Verification

By providing valid proof of your address, you can complete this Address verification level. After completing this level, you can enjoy a daily transaction limit of € 50,000 on Binance.

“How long does Binance take to verify a bank account.”

upto ten days. There is no guaranteed length of time for Binance to verify the bank account and other documents. It can get accomplished in a time ranging from a few minutes to a few days or even up to ten days.

You have to do the submission work from your side accurately and then wait patiently for the official mail from Binance.

Binance Verification Documents

For getting your Verification done on Binance, you may need to have the following documents.

1. Photo ID Issued By The Government

It can be any valid photo ID that the government of your country has issued. For example, Your Driving license.

2. Passport

For Binance verification, you can also use your passport.

3. Social Security Number

 Social Security numbers can also be required for completing KYC.

4. Pan Card And Voter ID Card

You may also be required to have a PAN card or a Voter ID card to complete your KYC.

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5. Address Proof

For Binance address verification, you need to submit a valid Address proof.

Some other documentary proofs that may be required depending on the bank’s practices in your country for KYC include account statements from another bank or a lease agreement, a utility bill, etc.

How Long does Binance Take to Verify a Bank Account?

upto ten days. There is no guaranteed length of time for Binance to verify the bank account and other documents. It can get accomplished in a time ranging from a few minutes to a few days or even up to ten days.

You have to do the submission work from your side accurately and then wait patiently for the official mail from Binance.

Binance Intermediate Verification

To complete the Intermediate level of Verification on Binance, the users are required to upload the image of their identity-verifying documents such as driver’s licenses, ID cards, and passports.

Along with this, users are also required to upload a selfie, which will complete the face verification.

According to the latest update, Binance has made it compulsory for the new users to complete the Intermediate Verification on Binance. 

On completing the Intermediate Verification, the existing, as well as new users will have access to the different products and services offered by Binance. These services include deposits, withdrawals, and trades of Cryptocurrencies.


Binance Verification’s pending status indicates that the process of your Verification has still not been completed. It may take some more time to complete. Keep checking your mailbox for the mail from the official Binance website.

While submitting the various details and documents for Binance verification, make sure to complete the submission in 15 minutes and do not refresh the browser before verifying your identity.

Besides, upload only clear photos without editing in JPEG and PNG formats for Binance Verification. Submit only the valid ID proofs and documents. Make your face completely visible while taking the selfie.

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