AI Dungeon VS NovelAI: What’s The Difference?

AI Dungeon is a text-based adventure game that uses AI technology to create content and your game.

Unlike other games where you play the games set by designers and the game development team with AI Dungeon, you can create your fantasy game where there are no limits to your imagination.

AI Dungeon lets you create your world for the game which can be fighting with alien creatures or mystical beasts. It also lets you create your characters and is not limited to just game scenarios.

The features of AI Dungeon sound very promising but with continuous development in the AI industry, it is now facing direct competition with another text-based chatbot known as Novel AI.

Novel AI is emerging as a go-to platform for its text writing styles in various genres that enables you to write high-grade literature regardless of your skills.

It was launched in early 2021 with a monthly subscription service to allow anyone to write compelling stories in any genre with the help of AI.

Although both chatbot application is based on text generation the main difference between AI Dungeon and Novel AI is the inputs provided.

AI Dungeon provides various styles of input based on action, characters and story for the game. Novel AI is more focused on storytelling using high-grade literature in different writing styles.

If you want to know which chatbot application should you subscribe to then this article will help you. This article will discuss various aspects of AI Dungeon and Novel AI.

What is AI Dungeon?

AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is a text-based AI Game where the AI generates multiple storylike based on the prompts given by the user.

In this game, the players get to choose a setting for their adventure such as fantasy, mystery, or sci-fi and then they are given the choice to choose more details so that the story can be fleshed out by the AI.

The game is very responsive to most actions done by the players. AI Dungeon is created to play games with the players. There are different commands that you will have to use when playing a game in AI Dungeon as given below.

  • Do: This command should always have a verb following it that will suggest an action.
  • Say: This command needs to be followed by a dialogue so that the characters can communicate among themselves.
  • Story: This command can be followed by something such as an event or episode from the story that will describe the storyline.
  • See: This command has to be followed by a description of the scene or the surroundings that will allow the characters to see what is happening.
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Sometimes you can also provide a blank input and the AI itself will generate content to fill that space.

What Is NovelAI?


NovelAI is an AI Storyteller that is used by users to tell different stories. The AI can generate different novels based on the prompts given by the user.

You can use NovelAI to generate the novel that you would like to write with different and interesting prompts provided by you. NovelAI will take these prompts as guidelines and then generate a novel that will fit the prompts.

The words written by the Team of NovelAI are “Driven by AI, painlessly construct unique stories, thrilling tales, seductive romances, or just fool around. Anything goes.” So you can understand from here that NovelAI is an AI that is solely made for the purpose of telling stories.

AI Dungeon and Novel AI Comparison

1. Text Generation

AI Dungeon is a text-based generation game focused on providing inputs for action, characters and story.

Novel AI is more focused on authorship by creating high-grade storytelling literature in various genres and writing styles.

2. Subscription Cost

AI Dungeon offers a free version of the application and also paid subscription service with different tiers of membership which also have free trials.

So you can use the free version by just creating your account and can even go for a free trial of any membership plan before subscribing to it.

Novel AI offers a free trial with a limited number of free generations that can be accessed without signing up.

After that, you need to pay to continue using the application. It also has three other paid membership tiers.

3. Encryption Of Your Stories

AI Dungeon claims that it does not read the stories but the AI is trained enough to identify content and flag them if they are inappropriate, offensive or harmful.

This is done by a built-in filter and fully functioned by AI and not the team. Some users have reported that they do not feel free to use the application because of the filter.

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Novel AI on the other hand claims to have fully encrypted stories so no one other than you can read them. Also, there is no censorship or flagging of any content.

4. NSFW Filters

AI Dungeon has strict NSFW filters in place to keep the application safe to use for everyone. It automatically flags inappropriate or harmful content.

Therefore, it is not possible to discuss a broad range of topics in AI Dungeon without triggering the NSFW filters.

Novel AI has no NSFW filters or limitations and you can discuss a broad range of topics for your story. It is also possible to generate NSFW images with appropriate prompts from the users.

5. Writing Prompts To Generate Story

In AI Dungeon, you can create a story for your game by writing small prompts with less detail. The AI easily picks it up to create content with no further information.

But in Novel AI, you need to be very descriptive of the details you provide to create a story and thus you have to write longer prompts to get what you want.

6. User Interface

AI Dungeon has an easy-to-use interface and you can either select any readymade world or create a new one.

It also allows multiplayer so that it is easy to collaborate with anyone you want.

Novel AI has an easy interface but the settings can be a bit difficult for advanced users.

The beginners can use default settings to create a good story but the advanced writers may struggle to adjust the settings to get the desired output.

It also does not allow multiplayer so you can not collaborate with anyone.

7. Support and Assistance

Both AI Dungeon and Novel AI support teams can be easily reached via their respective email.

Also, AI Dungeon has a comprehensive Guidebook that can be used to get answers or overcome any difficulty.

AI Dungeon is a relatively old application and has a more sophisticated user interface while Novel AI is fairly new and is still undergoing development.

Although Novel AI is new it has already a lot of subscribers because of its no restriction on the type of content and promises story encryption.

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AI dungeon has faced criticism after it was monetized and also because of strict filters that limit the type of content.

Both AI Dungeon and Novel AI are popular AI chatbots and have their pros and cons so as a user it is important to make a decision based on your needs and the intention to use the application.

AI Dungeon Vs NovelAI, Which One Is Better?

AI Dungeon is the AI created to play fun text-based games with you on the other hand if you are craving a novel that is made with your prompts then NovelAI is the way to go.

Both NovelAI and AI Dungeon serve different purposes. And due to this, it is not possible to say which one is better than the other.

You need them both for different purposes. For example, you could go to AI Dungeon when you want to play and to NovelAI when you want to read a novel to your preference.

However, NovelAI does not have any censorship or restrictions and is based on a simpler AI model than AI Dungeon.

Compared to that AI Dungeon is based on a more complex AI model which uses complex algorithms to generate content for its users.

AI Dungeon also has censorship and restriction and if your story gets reported or flagged then it will get inspected by real reviewers to see what is wrong with it.

On the other hand, NovelAI does not have anything like that. The stories that you create are completely personal and can not be reported to the authorities.

Now you will have to choose which platform you will use and for what purpose as per your needs.

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