WhatsApp Group vs. WhatsApp Community: Which Is Better

Do you know which one is better: WhatsApp Group vs. WhatsApp community? Which one is better? What is more suitable for your needs? How can you differentiate between the two features of WhatsApp?

You don’t have to research or ask your friends. We compiled a detailed difference between the WhatsApp group and the WhatsApp community. You can choose the best that aligns with your needs.

WhatsApp become a part of our life. It is one of the leading communication platforms. WhatsApp has made multiple lives convenient to communicate with the feature. It is a messaging platform. You can text, send strikers, raise a pool, and call others. You can make a group call and video call someone on the app. 

Whatsapp Messenger has introduced a new feature for instant video calling. WhatsApp has introduced features such as the WhatsApp Group and the WhatsApp community. You can interact with multiple users on WhatsApp Messenger with its new feature. 

What Is WhatsApp Group?

WhatsApp Messenger introduced WhatsApp Group in 2011. WhatsApp group is a chat room. You can send messages to reach multiple users at once. An admin can create a WhatsApp group and manage it. 

WhatsApp group allows the admin and users to interact with each other. It is a chat room to discuss, send stickers, and raise a pool. You can make a group call. It also allows users to make video calls in the group.

WhatsApp Group vs. WhatsApp Community

What Is A WhatsApp Community?

The WhatsApp community is a directory feature. You can sort similar WhatsApp groups into a community. For example, you can create a family WhatsApp community with multiple family groups.  

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WhatsApp communities are automatically created based on the relevance between groups. In WhatsApp, the community admins can send messages and raise the pool.

It is an Announcement group. You can have multiple communities for family, friends, work, and neighbors. You can visit the WhatsApp Community feature page on their website to manage a Community.

What Is The Difference Between The WhatsApp Group And The WhatsApp Community?

The difference between the WhatsApp group and the WhatsApp community is the interaction, privacy of members, availability of the features, number of members, and call features.

Below are the detailed differences between the WhatsApp group and the WhatsApp community. 

1. Interaction

The interaction is one of the main differences between the WhatsApp community and the WhatsApp group. 

WhatsApp Community

Only the admin can send messages or interact in the Community. Community members are not allowed to interact in the community. It is the reason for calling it an Announcement group.

WhatsApp Group

In the WhatsApp group, members are allowed to interact with each other. Admin and group members can discuss in the group. All group members, including the admin, can send messages, raise a pool, share images and videos, make group calls, and make video calls in the WhatsApp group.

2. Member Privacy

WhatsApp Messenger has different privacy settings available to the users. The WhatsApp community and WhatsApp Groups slightly differ in the privacy of their members.

WhatsApp Community

WhatsApp community allows you to see your group members in the Community. It does not enable the users to see community members other than their group members. You can see the total number of community members.

WhatsApp Group

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In WhatsApp groups, members can see all group members’ details. A group member can see other members’ mobile numbers and additional information depending on individual member privacy settings.

3. Availability

The WhatsApp Messenger has two different apps for its users. It is the WhatsApp and WhatsApp business application.

WhatsApp Community

The WhatsApp community feature is only available on the WhatsApp app. It is not available on the WhatsApp Business app. 

WhatsApp Group

The WhatsApp and the WhatsApp Business have the WhatsApp group feature. You can use the WhatsApp group in both applications.

4. Number Of Members

WhatsApp Messenger has different limits on the WhatsApp group members and the WhatsApp community members.

WhatsApp Community

The number of WhatsApp community members can be up to five thousand (5000). You can add multiple groups until you reach five thousand community members.

WhatsApp Group

You can add members up to one thousand twenty-four in a WhatsApp group. The limit of the WhatsApp group is less when compared with the number of WhatsApp community members.

5.  Calls On The WhatsApp

You can call on WhatsApp. You can also make Video calls in the app. There is a difference between the calling feature on the WhatsApp group and the WhatsApp Community.

WhatsApp Community

Unfortunately, you can not make a group call in the WhatsApp Community. WhatsApp does not allow users to make group or video calls in the community. 

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WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Messenger allows users to make group calls or video calls in the WhatsApp group. You can make calls only in WhatsApp groups.

These five differences are the crucial differences between the WhatsApp group and the WhatsApp community on WhatsApp Messenger.

Which One Is Better: WhatsApp Group vs. WhatsApp Community?

It depends on your needs. You can prefer a WhatsApp Community if your motive is to keep your members informed. You can use a WhatsApp group if you want your members to interact and discuss.

You can use the WhatsApp group and the WhatsApp community interchangeably. You can use your WhatsApp groups to discuss and interact actively with group members. You can use the WhatsApp community to inform the members of it.

WhatsApp Messenger has recently released a new feature, ‘WhatsApp Channel.’ You can visit our article on WhatsApp Channel vs. WhatsApp group and WhatsApp Channel vs. WhatsApp community if you are eager to use WhatsApp channel.