Which Is Better: WhatsApp Channel vs. WhatsApp Community

Do you know the difference between WhatsApp Channel vs. WhatsApp Community? Are you using WhatsApp channel? Do you want to create a WhatsApp community? Do you want to create a WhatsApp channel? 

No need to be confused. We got you detailed differences between the WhatsApp channel and the WhatsApp Community. You can consider the differences before deciding.

WhatsApp is the leading communication platform. Most of the people use the app for communication. The app made communication convenient for users. The app offers different features to its users.

You can message, send images and videos, send strikers, and make calls and video calls on WhatsApp Messenger. You can create WhatsApp groups, channels, and communities in the app depending on your needs.

WhatsApp has been introducing new features to its customers. It recently introduced the WhatsApp Channel feature. It introduced WhatsApp Channel on September 13, 2023. 

What Is The WhatsApp Channel?

WhatsApp Channel is a broadcast to send news and updates. It is a private way to receive updates on WhatsApp. It is an easier way to reach a lot of people.

You can send updates and news on a WhatsApp Channel without sharing your mobile number. Unlike a WhatsApp group, the WhatsApp channel keeps the creator and followers’ privacy. In a WhatsApp Channel, admins can send messages, images, videos, strikers, fills, and pools.

What Is The WhatsApp Community?

WhatsApp Channel is a collection of WhatsApp groups. It is a directory feature. A similar set of WhatsApp groups forms a WhatsApp community. The WhatsApp communities are created automatically by the WhatsApp. 

The users can also create a WhatsApp community in the app. It is similar to the WhatsApp channel in its usage. The admins can send texts, images, videos, files, strikers, and pools. It is also called an Announcement group.

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What Is The Difference Between WhatsApp Community And WhatsApp Channel?

The differences between the WhatsApp Community and the WhatsApp Channel are the way of interaction, availability, the number of members, privacy of the admin, privacy of the members, the life span of the message, and the way of becoming a member. 

Below is an explanation of the differences between the WhatsApp channel and the WhatsApp community.

1. Interaction

The interaction on the WhatsApp Channel and the WhatsApp community is almost similar. There is only the slightest difference in them.

WhatsApp Channel

In a WhatsApp Channel, only the admin can send texts, images, videos, strikers, files, and pools. The members can only react to the messages on the channel.

WhatsApp Community

The WhatsApp community allows the Community creator and the Community admins to send texts, images, strikers, videos, files, and pools. Members cannot react t to the Community messages as they do in a WhatsApp Channel.

2. Availability

WhatsApp Messenger is available as two different apps. These are the WhatsApp Messenger and the WhatsApp Business. Some features are only available on the WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp Channel

The WhatsApp Channel is available on the WhatsApp Messenger and the WhatsApp Business app.

WhatsApp Community

The WhatsApp Community is only available on the WhatsApp Messenger. The WhatsApp Business app does not have this feature.

3. Number Of Members

The number of members is limited to different WhatsApp features. It is one of the crucial differences between the WhatsApp channel and the community.

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WhatsApp Channel

A WhatsApp Channel does not have a limit on the number of followers. There are millions of followers on a few WhatsApp Channels.

WhatsApp Community

A WhatsApp Community can have members of up to five thousand. You can add WhatsApp groups until the community reaches five thousand members.

4. Privacy Of The Admin

The privacy of the admin differs between the WhatsApp Community and the WhatsApp Channel.

WhatsApp Channel

The admin’s basic information is private on the WhatsApp Channels. Followers cannot see the Admin’s phone number.

WhatsApp Community

In A WhatsApp Community, members can see the admin’s phone number. 

5. Privacy Of The Members/ Followers

The privacy of the members or followers differs between the WhatsApp community and the WhatsApp Channel. 

WhatsApp Channel

The followers on the WhatsApp Channel cannot see other followers’ information. The number of followers is visible on the WhatsApp Channel.

WhatsApp Community

In the WhatsApp community, members can see their group members in the Community. The WhatsApp Community does not allow the member to see other group members.

6. Message Life Span

The lifespan of the message can vary depending on the type of WhatsApp features. The Message Life Span means the Message period to stay on WhatsApp storage.

WhatsApp Channel

Messages On The WhatsApp Channel get deleted after thirty days. 

WhatsApp Community 

You can keep the WhatsApp Community messages as long as you want. The lifespan of the community message depends on the members’ storage settings.

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7. Method Of Joining The Channel/ Community

The method of joining the WhatsApp Channel and the WhatsApp Community varies.

WhatsApp Channel

You can join the WhatsApp Channel by searching the Channel name. Users can follow the Channel by selecting the following option.

WhatsApp Community

Members in the WhatsApp Community are based on their WhatsApp Group. You can become a member of a WhatsApp Community by joining the WhatsApp groups in it.

Which Is Better: WhatsApp Channel vs. WhatsApp Community?

It depends on the users’ needs. WhatsApp Channels can create a larger community. You can keep your followers informed in the Channel.  WhatsApp Community are for announcing news and updates.

You can create or join a WhatsApp Channel or WhatsApp Community. You can keep your privacy on the WhatsApp Channel. 

You can prefer using WhatsApp Community if you want to keep certain groups informed. You can use the Community to keep your family or work colleagues informed.

You can visit our page on WhatsApp Group vs. WhatsApp Communityand ‘WhatsApp Community vs. WhatsApp Channel’ to choose the best one.