How To Unlock Boost Mobile Phone With MSL Code

Unlocking a Boost Mobile phone using an MSL (Master Subsidiary Lock) code allows users to access the full functionality of their device across different networks. 

The MSL code is a unique numerical code that Boost Mobile provides users with administrative access to their phone’s settings. 

By unlocking a Boost Mobile phone with an MSL code, users can switch carriers, use international SIM cards, and enjoy various other benefits.

Unlocking a Boost Mobile phone with an MSL code involves a series of steps that enable users to enter the code through their device’s settings. 

Not all Boost Mobile phones can be unlocked using an MSL code, as it depends on the specific model and carrier restrictions. 

Additionally, unlocking a phone with an MSL code should be done carefully, following the instructions provided by Boost Mobile or the phone manufacturer, to avoid potential issues or complications.

How To Unlock Boost Mobile Phone With MSL Code

To unlock a Boost Mobile phone with an MSL code, gather the necessary information, contact Boost Mobile Customer Support for the code, enter it on your device, and confirm the unlocking.

Below is the detailed article on how to unlock a boost mobile phone with an MSL code: 

1. Gather Required Information

Before initiating the unlocking process, gather the following information:

  • Your Boost Mobile phone’s IMEI number: Dial \*#06# on your keypad to obtain the IMEI number. Note it down, as it will be required later.
  • Account Information: Ensure you have your Boost Mobile account details readily available. This includes your account number, phone number, and other relevant information.
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2. Contact Boost Mobile Customer Support

To obtain the MSL code, contact Boost Mobile Customer Support. Here’s how you can reach them:

Dial 611 from your Boost Mobile phone, or use an alternate phone to call Boost Mobile Customer Support at their designated phone number.

Follow the automated prompts, or if speaking to a customer service representative, explain that you would like to request the MSL code to unlock your phone.

3. Provide Required Information

During your conversation with the Boost Mobile Customer Support representative, they may ask you for specific information to verify your identity and eligibility. Be prepared to provide the following:

  1. Your Boost Mobile account details, including the account number and phone number associated with the device you wish to unlock.
  2. The IMEI number of your Boost Mobile phone, which you obtained in Step 1.

4. Request the MSL Code

Once the Boost Mobile representative has verified your information and eligibility, request the MSL code to unlock your phone. Politely ask them to provide you with the MSL code associated with your device.

5. Receive and Note the MSL Code

The Boost Mobile representative will provide you with the MSL code. Write it down accurately, as you will need it in the following steps.

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6. Prepare your Boost Mobile Phone

Before you can enter the MSL code, you need to ensure that your Boost Mobile phone meets the following conditions:

  1. Insert an active Boost Mobile SIM card into the device.
  2. Ensure that the phone is charged and powered on.

7. Enter the MSL Code

MSL code stands for Master Subsidy Lock code. It is a unique numeric code used to unlock a mobile device’s SIM card and enable it to be used with different carriers.

To enter the MSL code and unlock your Boost Mobile phone, follow these steps:

  1. Dial the phone number keypad on your Boost Mobile device.
  2. Enter ##MSLCODE# (replace “MSLCODE” with the actual MSL code you received from Boost Mobile Customer Support).
  3. Press the Call or Send button to initiate the code entry.

8. Confirm Unlocking

After entering the MSL code, your Boost Mobile phone should display a message indicating successful unlocking. Restart your phone to ensure the changes take effect.

Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked your Boost Mobile phone using an MSL code. You can now use your phone with compatible carriers and SIM cards.