How to Turn ON/ OFF Typing Indicator on Instagram

Instagram, as one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, continuously innovates to make interactions more engaging and real-time.

One of these features is the typing indicator in Instagram Direct Messages (DMs).

Let’s dive into what the Instagram typing indicator is and whether Is it possible to turn it on or off.

What is Typing Indicator on Instagram

The typing indicator on Instagram is a feature that informs you when someone you’re chatting with is typing a message.

This feature is used within the Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) system.

In a direct message conversation, when the person you are chatting with starts typing, a small “typing…” or “typing icon” notification will appear in the chat box.

This helps to create a real-time conversation feel, as you can see when the other person is actively composing a response.

Typing Indicator on Instagram

This feature is similar to what you might have seen on other messaging platforms like iMessage or WhatsApp.

It is automatically enabled on Instagram, aiming to make conversations feel more immediate and interactive.

How to Turn ON Typing Indicator on Instagram

The typing indicator feature on Instagram is turned on by default, meaning that you don’t have to manually enable it.

This feature works automatically in Instagram Direct Messages (DMs).

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When you start typing a message, the person you’re messaging will see a “typing…” or “typing icon” indicator in their chat window.

However, to make sure that all the features of Instagram are working correctly, it’s important to keep your app up-to-date.

Do You Get a Notification When Someone Is Typing On Instagram

Yes, when you’re using Instagram Direct Messages (DMs), you can see a notification that someone is typing.

This appears directly in the chat conversation, and it shows up as a small “typing…” or “Typing icon” indicator at the bottom of the screen.

However, Instagram doesn’t send you a separate push notification (the kind that pops up on your device’s home screen or notification center) to inform you when someone is typing a message.

Instead, the “typing…” or “Typing Icon” indicator only shows up within the chat interface itself when you have it open.

This is meant to help create a more real-time, interactive feel during your conversation.

How to Turn OFF Typing Indicator on Instagram

Instagram doesn’t offer a direct option to turn off the typing indicator feature within its settings.

This means that if you’re typing a message in a Direct Message (DM) conversation, the person on the other end will see a “typing…” or “Typing icon” indicator.

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However, if you’re keen on keeping your typing status private, there are a couple of workarounds that you can try:

1. Draft your message in another app

If you’d prefer to not show when you’re typing, you can compose your message in another app, like your device’s notepad, then copy and paste it into your Instagram DM.

This way, the typing indicator won’t appear, since you’re technically not typing in the Instagram chat.

2. Use Airplane Mode

Another option is to switch your device to airplane mode before typing your message.

After you finish typing and press send, turn off airplane mode.

The message will then send, but the typing indicator won’t be shown to the other person since you were “offline” while composing the message.

These methods, while not foolproof, can help to manage the visibility of your typing status in Instagram DMs.

Do remember, though, that these are workarounds rather than official solutions, and there’s always a chance that Instagram might change how its typing indicator works in the future.

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