T Mobile Apple TV Setup: Step-By-Step Guide

Are you a T-Mobile customer looking to set up your new Apple TV?

With so many features and settings, it can be overwhelming to get started.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll take you through the process of setting up your T-Mobile Apple TV, from connecting it to your network to activating your subscription services.

t mobile Apple TV setup: Step-By-Step Guide

Down below, we have discussed the solution in step-by-step detail.

Step 1: Activate Apple TV+ Subscription

To start, launch the Apple TV+ app on your device and select “Activate Apple TV+.” Enter or verify your mobile number to confirm your subscription.

Step 2: Ensure Prerequisites

Before proceeding, ensure you have a T-Mobile ID and are a Primary Account Holder or Authorized User.

Check that you do not already have an Apple TV+ feature added to your account. If you recently ported a number to T-Mobile, wait for the port-in process to complete.

Step 3: Add or Redeem Apple TV+

Log in to your T-Mobile account or the T-Mobile app using your T-Mobile ID. Navigate to Account > ADD-ONS > Plan Details to manage data and add-ons.

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Step 4: Redeem Promotions

If you have a promotion via coupon/code, log in to the Apple TV+ app and go to Profile > Manage Subscriptions > Apple TV+. For promotions added via your T-Mobile account, follow the specific steps provided.