Is ABPV App Safe & Legit

ABPV (America’s Best Pics and Videos) is an application comprising a selection of the funniest content which is crafted exclusively for your preference.

ABPV is an acronym for America’s Best Pics and Videos, which as the name suggests is an app with a collection of funny content. You can share and check various humorous content in the app that is available in the form of pictures, memes and videos.

The content is crafted for you based on the algorithm so that you get to see the content based on your preference.

The app is downloaded by millions of users still, the safety or legitimacy of the app is of great concern because of the inappropriate ads, notifications and content.

If you are also a user of the ABPV app and wondering if it is safe and legit then read on.

This article will discuss what is ABPV app, its features and if it is safe to use.

What Are The Features Of ABPV App?

The ABPV is a popular app with lots of funny content for every user and also has various features like buttons for like, dislike, comment and share.

There is also a menu button on the top left corner for Featured, New, Explore, Profile and Add Meme.

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The top memes or content appear on the featured section of the menu which usually features 200-500 memes every day.

The following are the highlights of the features of the ABPV app:

  • The app features top content in the Featured section of the menu based on an algorithm to deliver the content crafted for you. It features 200-500 memes or videos per day.
  • The Collective section of the app is where the users can upload the media which is then available for liking, disliking, commenting and sharing. If the content gains popularity then it also gets added in the featured section.
  • The Explore section sorts the content into various channels which are largely based on animals, videos, babies or memes.
  • When you tap on the Profile section, you will get a sign-in prompt if you do not have an account in the ABPV app. When you use other features of the app you will the sign-in prompt there as well. You can sign in using your Apple, Google, Facebook or email address.
  • The Add Meme section lets you add pictures or videos from your device’s gallery to the app. The app will also show your uploaded content in the general collective feed. It is available for other users to like, dislike, comment or share.
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Is ABPV App Safe & Legit?

The ABPV is a safe and legit app to use based on user ratings and millions of downloads from the Google Play Store. However, the user experience can get affected because of inappropriate ads, notifications and content that may impact the legitimacy of the app.

Any app that you download displays ads which may seem inappropriate. While some users may not consider it safe, others can simply ignore the ads and continue using the app.

When you consider inappropriate ads or content then it is advisable to be careful not to interact with such content to avoid watching them on your feed.

The featured section of the ABPV app shows the content based on an algorithm so when you do not interact with the content you can avoid them in the future.

Too many ads and notifications from the ABPV app can ruin the user experience but if you enjoy the funny content and memes then you can use it without any trouble.

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