How To Cancel Zelle Payment On Chase

Are you interested in cancelling a payment that you have already made through Zelle in Chase?

Maybe you did it by mistake and now you want to cancel it but you have a problem now. You have absolutely no idea about how you should go about doing that.

In that case, we are here to help you!

Zelle is a wonderful way through which you can transfer your money faster and with ease to others but sometimes you might mistakenly pat someone and need to cancel. 

This is the perfect article for you as we would be going through the questions such as whether you can even cancel your payment on Chase that you made through Zelle and if you can, how you even do it.

So, without further delay let’s look at those answers.

How To Cancel Zelle Payment On Chase

How To Cancel Zelle Payment On Chase?

A Zelle payment on Chase can only be cancelled if the recipient isn’t yet enrolled with Zelle and the payment is still pending. Once the recipient is enrolled, payments are instant and cannot be cancelled.

If eligible, cancellation can be done through the Chase app by logging into your account, navigating to ‘Pay and Transfer’, selecting ‘See Activity’, choosing ‘Bill Pay’, then ‘Zelle’, and finally tapping on the payment you wish to cancel.

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You can only cancel a payment after you have paid someone through Zelle if the person is not enrolled in Zelle and they have the payment pending.

In case the person is already enrolled in Zelle then the payment will reach their account and you can not cancel it.

If the money is still pending or the person has not yet enrolled in Zelle then you can try the steps below to cancel the payment of Zelle that you did on Chase.

  • Open Chase App.
  • Login to your account.
  • Go to Pay and Transfer from the bottom tab.
  • Open See Activity.
  • Go to Bill Pay.
  • Open Zelle.
  • Tap on the Payment and cancel it.

And that’s it! Now you know how you can cancel Zelle Payment on Chase when the payment is pending.

However, keep in mind that, if the person is already enrolled in Zelle then you can not cancel the payment.

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