How To Fix Uphold Verification Not Working

Uphold is an online platform to trade and manage your portfolio of digital assets such as cryptocurrency, National currencies and metals.

You need to create an account in Uphold to be able to trade and manage your digital assets which requires a verification process.

But many people have reported that they do not receive the verification email which is part of the verification process to log in to your account.

If you have also not received any email verification link from the Uphold team to verify your email address then read this article.

The article will discuss why the verification email is not working and also, how can you fix it.

Why Is Uphold Verification Not Working?

If you provided your email address to Uphold for verification but have not received any email from them is because of a large number of requests for support that can cause the delay in sending the email verification link.

Another reason for not receiving the verification email is an error or mistake in the email address provided by you.

Many times the verification email lands in the spam or junk section so it may happen that you are receiving verification email but not in your inbox.

How To Fix Uphold Verification Not Working?

To fix the issue of Uphold verification not working you can follow the steps mentioned below.

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1. Wait For The Email Verification

When you do not receive the email verification link immediately after requesting it then you can wait for some time to let the request be processed by the Uphold team.

It is very annoying to not receive an email verification even when you provided the correct email address.

But the delay can be caused either due to a huge number of requests or technical issues faced by the Uphold website.

The best thing to do is to wait for at least 24 hours and if you still don’t receive an email then you can submit a request to get an update.

Remember that it can take time to respond to your ticket by the Uphold team as they face multiple requests at the same time.

2. Check Your Email Address

When you are providing your email address for verification, ensure that you type the correct address as even a small mistake will not deliver the email.

Double-check the email address for spelling, numbers and special characters with the right address.

Ensure that your email address is active and you are receiving emails from others at the address.

To check if the email address is correct, you can open the login page of Uphold and write your email address. Then click on “Forgot Password” to receive a link to reset your password.

If you receive the reset password link in your email then it will confirm that you have provided the right address.

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3. Check Spam/Junk Folder

When you sign up for any website, you may keep receiving emails in the spam or junk folder.

As most of the time only the inbox of the email gets checked for new mails, the spam or junk folders get ignored.

Ensure that you check the spam and junk folder of your email after confirming your email address and requesting a link.

4. Check Server Status

The server can be down for Uphold website and you may have requested multiple links without your knowledge. But your requests will not process unless the server gets back up.

In such cases check the system status from the Uphold website for any outages.

When the outage problem is resolved you may receive multiple verification links since you requested it multiple times. Ensure that you click on the latest link to verify.

You can also try to log in at different times of the day to avoid traffic.

5. Contact The Uphold Support

If your issue of not receiving an email verification is not resolved in 24 to 48 hours then you can contact Uphold support. You can raise a ticket to describe your issue in detail.

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