T-Mobile's Swift Response to the Devastating Tennessee Tornado Outbreak

By Sonish Lathwal 13/12/2023

A series of devastating tornadoes struck middle Tennessee over the weekend, causing widespread damage. Mobile provider T-Mobile has mobilized community support teams to help those impacted.

T-Mobile set up an emergency response vehicle in Clarksville to provide free WiFi, charging stations, cables and supplies to residents. The team will remain on-site through December 12th.

While a small number of sites are down due to power outages, T-Mobile engineers are working rapidly to bring backup generators and restore full coverage across impacted areas.

Mosaic Church has served as a central location for response activities. T-Mobile deployed a WiFi trailer there to ensure the community has internet access during recovery operations.

T-Mobile is engaging with officials, first responders, and organizations to understand critical needs. Agencies can request communications assistance through their 24/7 hotline.

In addition to Clarksville support, T-Mobile set up aid stations at their local store on December 11th for residents to access supplies and charging.

The tornadoes damaged homes and buildings in Montgomery, Sumner and Davidson counties late Saturday night into Sunday morning. T-Mobile remains committed to helping communities through crises, with dedicated emergency response teams and resources available when needed.

Rebuilding after such widespread destruction will take time but communities are rallying together with support from companies like T-Mobile.

T-Mobile sets up an internal fund for employees to donate to support coworkers and community members impacted by the storms. Matching funds are also contributed. While the immediate crisis response wraps up, T-Mobile pledges long-term support for Tennessee's recovery and rebuilding - a process that will take committed efforts over many months.